Jack of all Trades – 90


I remove my equipment and sprawl out on the grass. The wind gently caresses my face. Was it a spirit? The clouds that floated in the sky looked like you might be able to touch them if you stretched your hand out. But once you did, the infinite sky felt like it would swallow you up. Daniela looked at me strangely as I jerked my hand back, but I shook my head to say that it was nothing.

She was lying down next to me as we looked at the clouds, when birds came flying. A red-colored pair that sang and played as they soared above our heads.


“I wonder if they are a couple.”

“Who knows. Perhaps they are brothers.”


We chuckle as we look up at them. Eventually, the two birds moved away from us, as if suddenly remembering that they had something to do.

The wind blew, and only the sounds of the moving grass entered our ears. I looked over to Daniela, and saw that she was sleeping. She was so relaxed. But, hmm, I was getting drowsy too.

A yawn escapes me. I make a half-hearted attempt to fight it, but then quickly succumb to the lure of sleep.


□ □ □ □


“Mmm… Achoo! Mm…damn it, I fell asleep…”


It was a sneeze caused by the cold that woke me. It was really careless of me to fall asleep in the middle of a field. I guess it was because I had not gotten enough sleep last night. I looked to the side and saw that Daniela was sitting up.


“Ahh, you are awake.”

“Sorry. I slept way too much.”

“Do not worry about it. It was only that you looked so comfortable like that, I could not wake you up.”

“Uh…I wasn’t making any weird faces then?”

“You looked cute to me.”



I look away in embarrassment as she smiles. And then I saw that the sun had fallen in the western sky. I had slept for so long. There was no point in walking now. We would have to camp here tonight.


□ □ □ □


That night too was uneventful until the morning. As I had made breakfast yesterday, it was Daniela’s turn today. When I finished washing my face, I saw bacon, eggs, and toast set out on our plates. It was a great menu that stimulated one’s appetite.


“Let’s eat.”

“Here’s yours.”


We ate our breakfast together. The eggs and bread were delicious and cooked just right. I’m so glad she wasn’t one of those girls who turned food into dark matter…

This time we finished at the same time and cleaned up together. It is fun to continue traveling with someone as you help each other. The things we did every day might be the same, but the scenery changed, and it was fun seeing what the other person would cook. It made me really regret that I had not widened my repertoire in terms of cooking. But that could always be changed. I wanted to make even better dishes for Daniela.


“We should arrive at the village tonight.”

“Now that I think of it, we’ve only gone to developed towns or cities up until now.”

“Villages are nice and quiet, but some do not have inns.”


Apparently, such villages would often allow you to stay in open houses. A countryside homestay? That sounded very appealing to me. But Daniela was not crazy about such events full of communication opportunities…


“So, what is this village called?”

“Ahh, what was it…”

“Hey, hey. I’m counting on you, master Daniela.”

“Sorry. I was too interested in the Adventurer’s Town, that I forgot to look it up.”

“Ah, is that right. I don’t blame you for that. I’m interested in that place as well.”

“Yes, yes. I am not to blame. By the way, the Adventurer’s Town is called Replant.”


Yes, that was really useful to us now… It seemed like we were being a little rude to the village we were about to arrive in, but I guess we’d find out what the name is soon enough.


The sun was still high. And we would apparently arrive soon by just walking, so I wanted to test out my gear a little.

These boots were made from accel panther leather, and that suggested enhanced speed. I was looking forward to seeing what would happen with a little magic…and so I hadn’t used ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ to spoil the fun.


“Hey, Daniela.”

“What, Asagi.”

“I want to experiment with my equipment. Like, how fast can I run with you on my back.”

“Hmm… But you have to stop if it becomes dangerous. Alright, now crouch.”


She gladly accepted my request. I love her. I carry her up and concentrate on sending magic into my boots. I was momentarily reminded of what happened with the assault kobold, but I could feel the power entering my feet, and there was no miasma this time.


“Okay, here I go.”



I enjoyed the sensation of her chest pressing into me as she held on tight. My foot pressed into the dirt, and then I ran.


“Oh, ohhh!”



It really was quite fast. Perhaps close to 40 kilometers per hour… I would be even faster if I wasn’t carrying Daniela. Could I run like this all the way to the village? Instead of increasing my speed, I keep it level. Thanks to that, we were able to reach the village just as the sun began to set.

…There was a gate. It had no doors. No doors meant no defense walls. I guess they didn’t have the funds. It really was the countryside. There were fewer houses then the village that my grandmother lived in.


“Ah, so what does that say?”

“It says, ‘Welcome to Senka Village.’ This is Senka Village then.”

“I see.”


Does that mean that I can’t read Flugelnian? As I stare at it hard, I start to feel like I do understand the meaning of the words. I guess it changes when necessary for me. I felt yet another wonder of being in another world, as we passed through the gate of Senka Villiage.

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  1. So the empire has a different language? At least written one? And Daniela can’t read it? Odd considering they are trading with the Republic, but it makes sense for any world to have different languages I suppose.

  2. 40kph…. that’s slow, that’s not even city limit speed, a normal Cheetah can run up to 100kph and he with his add on can’t reach this? The author must not know the feeling of going over 40kph.

    • Panthers can go 80kph/50miles per hour at short distance.. and he was carrying daniela, he even said 《Instead of increasing my speed, I keep it level.》so he can definitely be even faster than 40kph. I think all is good ^^

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