Jack of all Trades – 93


I was so surprised that I held up my arms to cover my face. And that’s when I saw that there was something in front of me. In the same instant, I concentrate again on Presence Detection to see what it was. I felt magic from it. And the wavelengths of that magic was that of a monster.




I swung my still sheathed greatsword down and called the name of my reliable partner. That was all it took. I felt a strong magic reaction spreading out from the tent, and I frantically dropped to the ground.

Immediately, a whirl of wind that looked like thousands of blades shot out and smashed into the monster. The dissonant sounds of cutting wind and the pained shrieks of the monster reach my ears. It tried to crawl away. That was when I finally unsheathed my sword. At the same time, Daniela came out of the tent, her sword also in hand.


“Sorry! It came from above!”

“So it attacked from the trees then. You are not to blame. It is very difficult to use Presence Detection upwards.”


Perhaps Daniela was doing just that as we walked during the day. If she was, I was one careless bastard. I wanted to punch myself.


“I couldn’t see it clearly. What was that?”


I pointed with my jaw. It had been shredded by wind and was now covered in blood at it crawled and glared at us.


“Hmm. It is a blood ape… They fight well but are good with ambushes. They are one of few monsters who can use Presence Block.”

“Presence Block…that sucks. I didn’t even notice it until I could see it.”

“That is what happens when the Presence Detection skill is lower than the Presence Block. There was nothing that you could have done.”


But still…I think. This happened just as I had regained my resolve to do better, to not fail. This really put a damper on things. I was mad.


The blood ape seemed to be forcing itself to stand in spite of the pain. Its hair bristled as it snarled. I held up the greatsword and concentrated. But then Daniela tapped me on the shoulder.


“That is the blood ape’s plan. He wants you to focus on him…”


She said as she turned around and thrust her sword out. A scream of pain echoed.


“And the others attack from behind.”


The other blood ape’s right eye had been pierced through, and it was going wild and trying to pull the sword out. It had been so close to us, and I had no idea… This forest was insane.


“Now, concentrate. Blood ape’s will attack as a group. Consider the likelihood that there are ten of them here.”

“Damn it. They won’t get me…!”


Daniela held her sword as she generated wind blades all around us. It would probably be more dangerous to stay in one position and fight. I allowed my magic to pour into my equipment, creating an armor of wind.

Undetectable monsters. Still, it was not as if I had always had Presence Detection. I just had to remember how it was like back then, and kill them all.




I pulled myself together once again. I had failed repeatedly because of my carelessness. My hands now gripped the handle of my greatsword tightly, as I shouted and swung it high. I would butcher this dying blood ape first.

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