Jack of all Trades – 99


“I guess this is goodbye then.”

“This is my home, so we can always meet again.”


I felt bad about sending her off on her own, but we had to stay here.


“Indeed. We will meet again if there is such an opportunity. Until then, take care, Marie Elle.”

“Yes, you too, Miss Daniela!”


Daniela looked into her eyes as she talked and then hugged her tightly. I gave her a hug as well, and she laughed happily.


“I’m really sorry about not being able to help your father.”

“…Father was protecting me…but I am sad that he is no longer here…”


Saying goodbye to us. Returning to this town alone. It was as if it all finally registered in her head, and Marie Elle shed tears for the first time since meeting us. Daniela and I couldn’t help but feel moved, and the three of us shed tears together.

As our eyes and nose turned red, the guardhouse door swung open, and a guard came out to meet us.


“Are you the people who are waiting to have your old cards read?”

“Yes…sniff..that’s right…”

“What’s all this…”


The guard looked a little disgusted, but what could you do? We were sad.

We shook hands with Marie Elle and separated. Though, we did wait until her wagon disappeared into the town before going inside.


“Now, your status cards, please.”



I handed over the two cards and they were inserted into a dusty old machine.

Huh, so that’s how it worked…I’ve never seen it done before.


“Alright, you can go in now. You should have these updated at the guild, first thing. Getting the card changed is a guild matter, so it should be free of charge.”

“I understand. And which way is the guild?”

“Why, it’s the largest building in the town!”


He pointed out of the window, and there was one building that loomed over the rest. The guild house was huge, as was appropriate for a place known as the Adventurer’s Town.


“Well, then. Allow me to welcome you, to the Adventure City, Replant!”


Was it an empire thing to spread your arms grandly when welcoming people…? I was getting used to it, but it was hard not to smirk a little.


We had been made to wait for quite a while, but we had finally arrived.


□ □ □ □


“Hey, Daniela.”

“What, Asagi.”

“That guard, he just said, Adventure City, didn’t he?”

“He did.”

“This place must have grown even more since then.”

“…What you are trying to say is, that I have lived for a very long time.”


Daniela looked away as she mumbled darkly. Her information was sometimes useful and sometimes…outdated.


“So, how old are you exactly?”

“Asagi, are you really asking a woman this question? And an elf, no less?”

“Well, maybe it is bad manners. But it interests me.”

“Elves dislike revealing their age once they reach a point where they must say ‘in human years.’”


I understood that. I wondered just how large the discrepancy between humans and elves was.


“So, how old are you, dear Daniela?”

“…I will be three hundred this year.”

“Three hundred?”

“Three hundred.”

“And in human years?”

“Around thirty.”


Didn’t she say that she was around two hundred back in Fhiraldo?


“You lied to me? In that situation?”

“I wish to look young regardless of the situation.”

“But there are limits…”


You would think that one hundred years was taking it a little too far…


Daniela’s revelation surprised me in multiple ways as we walked down the cobbled street. Our perilous journey had come to a close, and we were headed towards some peaceful and relaxed days. I had such hopes in my heart for this Adventure City, Replant, as Daniela and I made our way to the Adventurer’s Guild.

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      • Indeed, and he graduated from school and I don’t believe it ever mentioned his age or how long he worked at that store so for all we know he could be late twenties or over thirty.

  1. HAHAHAH Thanks for the chapter, hope the kid lives well, and have family that can help her. Asagi she lied to you, you should spank that lovely, delicious, gorgeous….hmmm ass I mean not pervert intetions there just punishment for lying.

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