Liar Heroine, to the Labyrinth – 2


Riru abruptly stood up and crossed her arms.

“Prepare a carriage. I shall head for the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Forgive my insolence, my lady.”

The maid who was in the room lowered her head after hearing the bold order.

She was the one servant that Riru had been given after being driven out. The maid politely kept her head low as she continued.

“There is a mountain of work pertaining to the management of this apartment. Information of the residents, understanding the situation with the rent money, management of the property. There is so much to go through. We must also deal with the complaints from the residents. And also, I have not been paid last month’s salary yet…”

“Such frivolous nonsense can be handled later!”

Up until now, Riru had lived her whole life as a pampered lady, so it was not surprising that she would be useless in such matters. She was completely clueless even when having the minimum amount of work laid out before her.

Even so, this also had to do with her own source of income, and so was something that she should have taken more seriously.


“Indeed. I have so much more important matters to attend to!”


One would wonder how many things in life were more important than your own source of income. Upon hearing her mistress’ disregard for her own lifeline, the maid could only fall silent. She was looking at her as if she were a particularly difficult child. But Riru never bothered to look at other people’s expressions, and so she remained oblivious.

“…I understand, my lady. I shall prepare a carriage.”

“Indeed you will!”

“Do you really mean to go to the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“Why, of course. Do you have a problem with that!?”

As far as problems went, the maid had, in fact, notified her of a whole mountain of them a moment ago. The maid could think of many reasons to stop Riru from going.

But Riru was unlikely to listen to her opinions. Knowing this, the maid sighed quietly.

“I understand, my lady. But we do not have a private carriage like before, so we will have to call for one. Is that alright?”

“I do not care!”

She depended on everyone else for everything but was high-handed and selfish as can be. She believed in imagination, not dreams. She would avert her eyes from the reality in front of her and interpret it in the way that she saw fit.

That’s the kind of person that the current Riru was. No more, no less.

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