Makai Hongi – 2




“Is this for real?”

“It’s a one-sided fight…”


“He’s able to fight a High Ogre…!?”


“I knew it. Golan has never lost a fight!”

“It’s amazing that he can keep up with a Commander.”


The spectators were talking wildly. 

Indeed, I hadn’t been hurt at all and was the only one who landed any hits.


However, he was a High Ogre. Not only was there power that was yet unused, but if he did happen to land a hit, later on, I would be badly injured. In spite of appearances, I did not have the upper hand.


“Gahahaha! Not bad!”


I had punched him so many times, and yet he looked completely unfazed.

My fists had met his face at least a hundred times, and yet you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking him.


In spite of the excitement of the people watching, I was starting to regret my declaration of Gekokujyo.


Not only did he have an advantage as a High Ogre, but the effects of the control orb was also quite big.


(I was being too rash…)


If I couldn’t take him down by hitting him, I would have to get closer and grapple or use some groundwork techniques.

But then again, this didn’t work the same way as it did between humans.


Even if I could get into the right position on top of him, all it would take was one hit from below to send me flying into the air.


(The only good thing about all this, is that High Ogres can’t use magic either.)


Magic was not included in the special abilities that Ogres and High Ogres possessed.

The only reason that I was able to fight him like this, in spite of the overwhelming difference in strength, was because of the knowledge from my past life.


All of the research and combat training I had received had come back to me.


(The face is supposed to be the vital spot, but he doesn’t feel it… What should I do?)


The difference in size between me and Guden was that of an adult and a child—or professional wrestler and a kid in elementary school.

It was possible that the difference was too great for any amount of skill to make up for it.


(I had thought that since it was a sudden mutation, it wouldn’t be too bad.)


There were three ways for someone to evolve.

The first was through lots of experience. You could evolve by defeating a lot of strong enemies. Either that or by living for a very long time.


The second was to be born as an evolved type. That was what Guden was.

His parents were ogres, but he was born as a High Ogre.


The third and last was was incredibly rare. You are born from nothing.

They were the ‘origin type’ and there was only one of them. Unique beings.


“So, what to do…”

I was currently using low kicks to stall and buy some time.


From what I could tell, a High Ogre could not be defeated with just kicks and punches.

And this would not change no matter how long I worked at it.


“Gahahahaha… What next?”

Even when his nose was broken and blood dripped down his face, he didn’t seem to notice.


“…Damn it. You’re too tough.”

A way for a child to beat a pro wrestler…


I jumped and landed on Guden’s shoulders.



His hands came up to grab my ankles, but they were no longer there.

I had jumped off his shoulders and flew to the back.


But as I did that, I had also wrapped my wire around Guden’s neck. The one I had around my arm.

After that, I just needed to use all of my weight and pull him back.


His body arched back. The wire dug into his neck as he was forced into the position of a curled up shrimp.

Guden’s arms flailed around, but the wire was too deep into his neck to remove, and my body was too far away for him to reach me.


And so, with the strength of an ogre, I tightened the noose.

Even if he swung around and tried to escape to the left or right, the wire was wrapped around his neck and holding him back.


It was just a matter of endurance now. If his lungs were blocked, he would eventually fall.

And so I exerted my strength and continued to strangle him.


After much more violent flailing, Guden started to weaken. In the end, he fell down limply.

He had lost consciousness.


“…Phew. Finally.”

I unraveled the wire and wrapped it back around my arm.


“Woah! You did it!”

“Amazing! He won!”

“Golan the unbeatable!”


The audience cheered. I sighed and muttered, ‘good grief.’

I did not want to do that ever again.

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  1. it’s good that the evolution path was given

    would’ve sucked if that wasn’t still given at this point

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