Makai Hongi – 22


All the loud people had collapsed. They would only groan if you kicked them, and they were likely to stay that way until morning.


“So, I guess its time for the tests of strength. I have high expectations for you, Golan.”

Saifo said as he came over.


“Weren’t you listening to me, you loser! I’m not going to do it.”


“Don’t worry. I thought you might say that, so I signed up for you.”

Beka said with a smile as she appeared on my other side.


“You did what? Damn you two. You can’t just do that without asking!”

“Well, you were so busy setting up the stage. So my sister was trying to be helpful.”


As always, they just couldn’t help themselves.

I should have broken their legs and rolled them away.


As for the test of strength on the stage, it was kind of like Sumo wrestling, where you started off by grabbing each other.

You were allowed to punch and kick, but you would lose if you fell off of the stage. So it would be difficult to do any of that.


As soon as you heard the signal, the pushing began.

To be blunt, this whole thing was really just about how much mana you had. And so it was too much for me.


“…Still, I guess I can’t run away.”

A Commander who signs up but then disappears…


It won’t be good for my future if people thought I ran away. Especially since I had low mana.

However, I couldn’t see how I would win, even if I entered.


“After all, it’s purely a battle of strength…”


There wasn’t a lot of space for skill and technique to come into play.


“There seem to be about 20…”


I looked at the participants that had gathered, and they all looked strong.

These were those who had jobs and therefore could not go to war.


They were some of the strongest in the village and had plenty of experience.

Every one of them on the stage was strong. And now they were going to compete. It was ridiculous.


Apparently, they were going to choose who went against who, and they were currently waiting.

Everyone was flexing their muscles or stretching. It was quite embarrassing to watch.


(I know. I’ll take advantage of their meatheaded nature and finish this all at once.)


And so I got up onto the stage and moved to the front.


“All of you. Are you really satisfied, repeating these petty little fights over and over again?”

I shouted loudly. Everyone fell quiet. I had succeeded in getting their attention.


“I’ll fight all of you! If you have the courage, come and fight me!”

The crowd roared. …They were saying something.


As for those on the stage…they seemed enthusiastic.

It would be one against twenty. It seemed hopeless, but it actually made things easier for me.


(Because it meant that we didn’t start in a grapple.)


I turned around and they all held their fists up.

And so it would begin.


Aikido, judo, jujutsu…karate, boxing, wrestling.

Not just the skills I had learned up until now. But also the skills I had seen on television.


Ever since I was reincarnated into an ogre, I’ve been training so that I could enact them.

With this body, I wasn’t just imitating, but I was not able to make those moves a reality.


“Come at me!!”


And then they all jumped forward at once. Hey, I thought we were going one at a time?

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  1. lol MC thought he outsmarted them but they probably outsmarted his outsmarting.
    20 vs 1 would be an interesting sight.

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