Makai Hongi – 23


The old man bowed his head.


“I heard that you wanted to serve me.”

“Yes… Will you accept us?”


“After I hear what you have to say. I want to know what brought you to this village.”

“I see. I will tell you everything then.”


He had probably told Saifo it already, but Saifo was a meathead. He likely didn’t remember anything.

I suppose most ogres were just like that. Regardless, he was not fit for complex tasks.


“We have fled from Lesser Demon King Fara’s country.”


As Saifo was standing far away, it was just Ruma and me talking.

I didn’t know how many other Reapers there were, but they were likely in someplace safe.


“Lesser Demon King Fara, huh? I think I heard something about him killing a few other Lesser Demon Kings.”


“Yes. It was three months ago that he destroyed the country of our king, Lesser Demon King Rumaham. It was decided that the Generals would serve the new king. But we Reapers were to be killed…”


“I heard that he kills tribes that he doesn’t like, instead of subjugating them. So it is true then. And so you evaded your pursuers and escaped the country.”

“Yes, that is what happened.”


“However, Lesser Demon King Fara…what is he thinking?”

“I heard that it is just his personality.”


Well, there was nothing that could be done about that then. That’s how it was like in the Demon World.

Considering that your power would grow through the Orb of Control, it would better to have many powerful subordinates.


If you subjugated them, their power would be yours as well. It didn’t matter if someone else beat them in Gekokujyo later on.


And so most people would keep them alive. It had a much greater advantage.

However, Lesser Demon King Fara had destroyed four countries recently.


According to the rumors that would come in, he never had mercy on the enemy leader.

Either he wasn’t thinking of the future, or he was incredibly confident in his own power.


And now he was persecuting the Reapers, who were high in terms of advanced monster types.

And yet he had sent an order to hunt and kill them all. Every last one of them.


I had an idea of why he might have made that decision.


“Is Fara afraid of the ‘One-hit Kill’?”

“It is as you say.”


Damn it. This really was a dangerous problem.

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