Makai Hongi – 3


Maybe I had gone too far, but I was at a great disadvantage during the fight.

Well, he seemed mostly fine now. So I would forget it.


“And now, I’ve ended up being made Commander…I guess that can’t be helped.”


Had things continued, we’d have to repeat that charge again tomorrow and the day after that.

More people would die every time. And who knew when I would be one of them.


I didn’t want to be turned into meat scraps on a battlefield like this.


“And so…this is fine. …Hmm? What?”


One of the kobolds was looking at me as if he really wanted to say something.

He wanted to say it, but he couldn’t. That kind of face.


“Alright. What is it?”


I didn’t recognize him, but I could tell by his clothes.

It was the one who had been Guden’s adjutant up until now.


His name was something like ‘Rig.’

‘Hey, Rig!’ Guden was always shouting that, so it must be his name.


Maybe he wanted to retire now that the Commander had changed.

I hope that wasn’t the case.


“What will you do about today’s meeting?”



“You and Commander Nehyor are to conduct a meeting every night.”

“Every night? What…what did former-Commander Guden do?”


“He appeared only the first time…and was absent ever since.”

“Ah, I see.”


He was a meathead after all. He either didn’t understand what was being discussed or couldn’t be bothered.

By meeting, he probably meant a council of war.


I was curious as to how they came up with this idea of charging and doing nothing else. So I thought that it might be good to attend.


“I have to let them know that I’m the new Commander, so I’ll attend. Where is it?”

“Yes. It’s at Commander Nehyor’s canopy.”


“And where is that?”

I had only arrived here three days ago and knew little about our army, let alone the surrounding area.


I was then told that it was about ten kilometers from where we were.

It was no wonder Guden never went.

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  1. Is he the only one who didn’t challenge the commander on the first day? Because according to my understanding of the orcs characters, they would challenge the top to a fight on the first day.

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