Makai Hongi – 46


“No matter what you say, I am going.”

I glared at Nehyor. Of course, someone as low as me glaring at him probably meant next to nothing.

Still, the room had gone silent.

No one, not even Lobos, opened their mouth.

We continued to stare at each other.

“What? Golan. Do you want to fight?”

“If that’s what you want. Why not?”

Could I win? I doubted it. But I couldn’t withdraw.

I would have nothing to stand on if I did.

“That’s too bad, Golan. I thought we understood each other better than this.”

“Who cares about that. This is the Demon World. If you want your way, you have to use force.”

“That’s true. No matter what happens, that is the one thing that stays the same.”

“Yeah… That’s how it is.”

I leaned forward in my chair, ready to rise.

Nehyor was able to move faster than what my eyes could follow.

With just a table between us, he could probably tear open my throat with his claws before I could even blink.

I could sense the rage in him boiling even stronger.

The Gob-gobs were shaking. Lobos looked like he wanted to run away. But he couldn’t move. That was how intimidating Nehyor was.


Just then, right between Nehyor and I… Something landed on the table between us.

All at once, three Wise Wolves had ripped through the tarp and fallen on the table.

“Nibo, Foda, Kulin!?”

Lobos shouted. As they were Wise Wolves, they had probably come with Lobos and were waiting outside.

They were all bigger than Lobos.

But judging by their fur, they were quite young.

“Ahh, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to send them this far.”

Said Saifo as he poked his head in from outside.

“Hey, I told you to avoid getting in any fights.”

“I didn’t get in. I was pulled in.”

Well, I suppose there was a difference.

After all, it just went against the very identity of every being in the Demon World. If someone attacked you, you fought back.

“Lobos… Who are they?”

Nehyor said as he pointed to the three unconscious wolves.

“My sons. I brought them here as adjutants.”


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