My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – 11


Our badly timed movements were a bad match for conversation. We had finally become entangled and fallen. We both found ourselves in a bed of flowers.





We fell on our backs, crushing the flowers. And I stared at him dumbly.

I had ruined a corner of the palace garden. What was I going to do? A part of me felt that way. But more than that…




For some reason, an uncontrollable laugh forced its way from my lips.


“Fu, kehehhe…AHHAHAHAH!”


It wasn’t my usual boisterous laugh. It was a softer laughter that came from the pit of my stomach.


“Aha, AHahhahah!”

“…Puh, Kufufuf, AHhahah!”


Charles started to laugh along with me. We looked at each other and our innocent laughter echoed around the garden. Why were the two of us laughing? Even though I was a genius, I could say. But we were enjoying it. We were children lying in a flower bed and laughing at the top of our lungs for no reason.

Who knew just how long we lay there and laughed? Though I think that it was just two or three minutes at the most.

Once we were finally done laughing, we stood up and brushed the dirt off of our clothes.


“Well, Charles. I think I will go back now.”


I quickly checked my appearance and made sure that I did not have any dirt on my dress. I fixed my disturbed hair and shook off the leaves until I was satisfied that no one would think I looked strange.


“…You’re leaving now?”

“Yes. Later, Charles.”


He nodded but his voice had been tinged with sadness. My father would send out a search party to come looking for me if I was absent any longer. If this turned into a big thing, it would damage my perfect reputation as a lady.

So I needed to go back to the dancehall even if it meant that my friend would feel a little lonely.


“Hey, Chris!”


He shouted at me as I turned my back on him and started for the exit of the garden.


“We will see each other again, won’t we?”


I turned around with a bold smile at his hopeful question.


“Of course.”


I declared. I didn’t care if he was royalty as I stood proudly with my legs straight and my chest puffed out.

My assurance was even based on something substantial. As the duke’s daughter, and being of similar age, I would surely have many opportunities to meet the royal family in the future.

But more than anything, the name Charles had a rather deep connection to me due to the memories of my past in ‘Labyrinth Destiny.’


“Do not forget when we meet again, Charles. I am Christina Noir. The sole child of the Duke Noir and your friend!”


I proclaimed haughtily before turning on my heels. This time I did not stop or look back as I made my way back to the dancehall.

I reached the hallway without anyone seeing me. While I walked, the name of the friend I had just met appeared once again in my head.

Charles Eduard.

The third prince of this kingdom. According to my knowledge of my past life through ‘Labyrinth Destiny’, he was one of three who would possibly marry Mishuly.

And one other thing.


“…Fufuh, I see. That one was to become my fiance.”


Charles Eduard was also the villainous daughter, Christina Noir’s fiance.

The art in that story had taken some liberties in the design, and since most of it was when he was around fifteen, I had not recognized him. But it had come to me when I heard his name.

Charles and I were to be married as was arranged by our families. It was one of the obstacles that Mishuly would face with the romance in ‘Labyrinth Destiny.’ Should Mishuly overcome the obstacles and marry Charles, then I would be condemned to one of my three fates. That fate was suicide by poison. Well, I wondered how this meeting tonight would affect my things.

I recalled Charles’ overjoyed expression as I made my last declaration. And I smiled.




Even as a genius, I could not predict the paths of fate that had entered the labyrinth.


But for now, I felt intensely happy.


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  1. Mishuly has a rival for her sister’s love now. I wonder who Chris will end up with? Hopefully both sisters get caring husbands and they continue to be best friends and sisters forever

    • It’s sad there is no Yuri or Shoujo Ai tag, I can’t see any romance coming along stronger than the one between the sisters. (Heck; just look at the synopsis and novel name. >_<)

      • And here comes you, judging someone else and their culture using your own limited view.
        Yep, you are being hipocritical, so just drop it before you develop a superiority complex, please? Everyone will form opinions about things, it isn’t the end of the world if somebody reading a translated story finds something that makes them exasperated.

    • I would just see it as a medieval, aristocrat thing. Gone with the Wind is one of the best selling novels ever and all about a girl chasing her cousin.

    • Comment is nonsensical anyway, it’s still legal to marry cousins in the west, it just doesn’t happen very often anymore. (Unless you’re in certain overcrowded towns or states like some places in america)

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