Only with Your Heart – 8


However, there was not much to look at. There was a single window that was no larger than the size of a person’s face, a threadbare carpet on the floor, and a bed that was full of dried grass. Dorothy bolted the door and locked it with a key.


“Do not even think of escaping. Well, it is not really my concern…”


Dorothy said with a sigh, then she blew out the light of the lantern and sunk into her bed. After a few minutes, an unhealthy sounding snore echoed loudly in the room.


Chizuru exhaled as she hugged the molded blanket that Dorothy had given her. Then she sat down on the carpet.

(I really…came back…)

This medieval-like world.

It was harsh, but the people felt very human, and the world had a natural beauty that was vast.

They should not be speaking in Japanese, but strangely, Chizuru could understand them, and they, in turn, could understand her. Perhaps it was some kind of super-natural automatic translation… Perhaps Chizuru herself had undergone a change, acquired the ability for language when she traveled through time and space. That was how she saw it. It had been the same the last time.


(But… ‘The Black Assassin.’ ‘The Cold Duke’…)

Chizuru had not yet been able to ask Rodolgo or Dorothy the name of this man who might be Lukrov.

If it wasn’t him… That was a possibility that scared her. But she also wanted to avoid any suspicions that might arise by asking too many questions. Right now, the only thing Chizuru had was the hope that this man might be Lukrov.


She understood the title of duke.

At the time, Lukrov had no title other than that of being the heir of a baron. However, there was a strong likelihood that he had advanced in the last fourteen years. Her memory was hazy, but she believed that there was quite a gap between a baron and a duke… But considering what he had accomplished, it was not impossible.


But, ‘cold.’

And, ‘assassin.’


Indeed, Lukrov was not the most cheerful person. A shrewd person might see his coolness as cold and ruthless. But, assassin…

(Surely, it was a misunderstanding?)

Yes, this was a world where not only newspapers were nonexistent, but books were hard to come by… It was rumors and lies that passed from person to person. Any word could be misunderstood, twisted and exaggerated. Ultimately, an entirely different story could end up spreading.

Likely, once Chizuru had left, Lukrov had judged the rebels of the kingdom, and this had been blown out of proportion.

(Surely… Yes…)

Chizuru spread out the blanket within the dark and then lay down on the ground while wrapping herself in it.

While it was not currently winter, the midnight floor of stone was cold. Still, she did not feel like complaining. Chizuru’s heart was full and burned hot with memories of Lukrov, along with hopes and worries for the future.

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  1. Luckily Rodolgo and Dorothy have no ill intentions tonight. She can rest in peace for this night.

    Thank you for the update

  2. i was looking for a new novel to read and happened to found this translated story! such great translations and i’ve heard that this story ain’t that bad. i’m looking forward for the next chapter. thank you so much for this!

  3. Thank you so much for your hard work. I hope youre staying safe and well. In the meantime, I’m wondering if you will be updating soon? Thank you!

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