Realist Demon King – 23


“My family was incredibly poor. I and my brothers often fought for our share of the bread. I have never even considered the possibility of sharing. But I am glad.”


“I see. But, I am sure you must have eaten well once you started to serve the king of France?”


“When I was in the city. But I was usually on the battlefield. The food there was not great.”


“That’s unfortunate.”


“I’ve been very surprised by what I’ve seen since coming to the Demon Castle. All of the food is so delicious. And I never would have dreamed that I would be able to eat like this while traveling.”


“I consider myself a food enthusiast.”


I once studied this country known as Japan.


This place had its share of workaholics, but at least, their food was very good. Historically speaking, the food culture would rank among the best in that world.


I recalled that I had once come across something called ‘raw egg on rice.’


It was a simple bowl of rice with a raw egg and soy sauce on it.


As I said before, the eggs had to be fresh and well managed, or it would cause you to become ill.


At worst, it could even lead to death, so there was a degree of risk to enjoying it.


I once had Eve make it for me when we acquired some rice. And it was indeed quite delicious.


I told Jeanne about this, and she furrowed her eyebrows.

People from the west generally did not like the idea of raw eggs.

Of course, it was also strange for me to pick sides in this battle of eggs since I was also from another world.


I laughed about it, but Eve replied with a serious expression.

“Perhaps you lived in Japan in the life before your past life.”

I had no idea if she was being serious.


Of course, I did not think that was the case at all. But it was an easy way to explain my fondness for certain customs.


After that, we entered the tent.

It was time to sleep.

There was only one tent, so we all had to sleep alongside each other.


Having two beautiful women next to me might have made me anxious on a different day, but I was awfully tired from traveling.


And so I fell asleep in just a few minutes.


—In the middle of the night, Jeanne must have been dreaming of eating food, because she bit hard into my arm.

As for Eve, she mumbled in her sleep. “Very good, master. Splendid…”


I told them of this the next morning, but neither of them remembered it.

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