Realist Demon King – 38


We said as we sipped the tea that Eve had poured.

Jeanne wrote this world’s ‘A’ many times until she finally memorized it.

I suggested she move on to ‘B’ but she refused.


“‘A’ will do for today. But there is one word I would like to know.”


“Very well then. And what word is that?”


She closed her eyes and said it slowly.




Then she pleaded for me to teach her.

I didn’t know why she was insisting on it, but I told her.




She copied what I had written down.

Her handwriting was terrible. Except for the ‘A.’ That was fairly decent.

When she was finished, she kissed the sheet of paper and put it into her amulet.


“Is it a good luck charm?”


“Yes, one from back home. Writing the name of someone you like will protect that spot from arrows.”


“I see. And so that is why it is at your chest.”


“It is where the heart is.”


“Well, let us hope that the rest of you doesn’t get hit by arrows either.”


“There is no need for that. Even on the frontlines of Orleans, I was not hit by any arrows. In fact, it was as if the arrows avoided me when I charged into the enemies. It is God’s protection.”


“If you have God, then why do you need that charm?”


“How tactless, Demon King. God is not around every hour of the day. There is a need to rest. And that is when I will need this charm.”


“I see. Well, as long as you are safe, then I am happy.”


“Don’t worry. The next fight will be brutal, but we will win.”


“What makes you so sure?”


“You are the strongest Demon King.”




“It’s simple, isn’t it? But I do have one worry.”


“And what is that?”


“You may be strong, but you do not have the protection of God. You might be hit by a stray arrow.”


“That would be rather unpleasant.”


“But I will prevent it.”


“And how will you do that…?”


Then she grabbed me by the shoulders in a tight grip.

And then she kissed me on the cheek before I could react.


“Now, at least your head should be safe from arrows. As a Demon Lord, you cannot die as long as your head is safe?”




I wasn’t quite sure what to say.


As sad as it might seem, I had never had a young woman be so forward with me before.


There was a moment of silence before she said, happily,

“You are quite innocent, Demon King. …But that has its charms.”

She smiled and left.


Eve entered just then, as if they had traded places.


I was a little anxious about whether she had seen us, but it appeared that she had not.


However, the fact that I had been alone with Jeanne was enough to put her in a bad mood.

She put down a tall stack of documents and insisted that I should help her go through them.


It wasn’t really the work of a Demon King, but I did want to lessen her load. And so I hid my feelings and went along with it.


The work continued into the night, but as we had an early morning the next day, I had to stop and go to sleep.

It only took half a minute for me to fall asleep.


The next morning, I awoke with the impression that I had dreamed of a blonde girl.

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In case you’re wondering, these are not the author’s opinions and he is actually a fan.

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