Realist Demon King – 39


And most of the monsters walked as well. There was little point in their general alone being on horseback.


Toshizou may have been a Hero, but that couldn’t always beat numbers.

Realistically speaking, the bigger army usually won…

But of course, there were always exceptions.

While Toshizou didn’t charge, he moved slightly ahead of the monsters.


First, he cut open a path of blood. Then came the werewolves, then the orcs. The strongest monsters moved at the lead.


That was good.

Werewolves were brave, but orcs were cowardly.

They would take flight the moment the tide turned against them.

In fact, the goblins were very similar in nature, and there were few in the enemy ranks who were running away.


With every step, Toshizou’s sword cut into their formation, with every second step, he shattered more of it.


As a spectator, I was starting to believe this would be an easy victory, but was quickly given a reason to doubt it.

Now, an especially large goblin was coming out from the back.

It was a hobgoblin.

Along with this name, these monsters came with both intelligence and incredible strength.


It looked like a demon covered in blood as it swung its metal club in the air.


It was like something out of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


“Ah, ah! I am the greatest of Demon King Eligos’s Heroes. The Blooded Demon. Gabak!”


Toshizou seemed very amused by this little speech.

And so he introduced himself in return.

He enjoyed the spectacle.


“And I am the vice-commander of the Shinsengumi, Toshizou Hijikata. They call me the Demon Vice-Commander. Due to certain circumstances, I now work for Demon King Ashta. But I was among the strongest in my country.”


Gabak heard these words and laughed boisterously.


“I have never heard your name or of your country. And why do you say ‘among the strongest’ and not ‘the strongest’?”


His reply was rather amusing.


“Ah, but we have a long history. Very long. There are plenty of swordsmen who are above me. Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, Ashikaga Yoshiteru, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, and many others.”


“That is quite admirable.”


“Yes, but even in such numbers, mere goblins are nothing against my sword. You should not underestimate us.”


“I am not a goblin! I am a hobgoblin!!”


Just as he began to rage, his words were silenced.

His body would never move again.

This was because his head was flying through the air.

Toshizou caught it and showed it to the other goblins.


“I have taken his head. Your general, Gabak”


He shouted threateningly.


The voice, and the truth of the death, was enough to rapidly weaken their will to fight.


They scrambled to be the first to flee.

And once that happened, the battle was truly over.

I watched them run.


“Will you not chase after them?”


Eve asked. The answer was no.

I told her why.


“We could diminish their numbers if we wanted, but I would rather have them return to the main army and wreak havoc on their morale.”


“I see. That is very perceptive of you.”


Eve said with a bow.


“Now, this was an easy enough victory, but how will things go after this? I hope things will continue to…”


I muttered as we reorganized and continued our journey up north.

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