Realist Demon King – 40


And so I continued.


“We will not lock ourselves up in the castle, because it will cause much damage to the citizens. Eligos is a cruel man. He will enter the city, kill people and destroy the fields. I do not want that.”


“Indeed. The Demon Castle’s defenses are not very strong.” 


“It will be like a thin fabric against such a large army.”


So a siege would be pointless.


“I have an idea. We cannot win against an army of ten thousand, but there may be a chance for one Demon King to beat another Demon King. And that is what I will aim for.”


“It sounds rather interesting. Are you going to tell us about it?”


Toshizou said with a hint of irony. Of course, I would tell them.


And I told it to Toshizou Hijikata, Jeanne d’Arc and Eve alone. 


And they said,


“I always thought you were a fool, but I was wrong. You are a complete idiot. And yet, history will probably remember you.”


Toshizou said.


“That is wonderful, Demon King. I believe this just might work.”


Saint Jeanne said without restraint.


“It is a dangerous gamble. But I don’t know if we have any other choice. I will help you.”


Eve felt the danger in it, but promised to cooperate.

After hearing all of their opinions, I returned to the soldiers and we reorganized.


Eve would lead the special forces.

There was a secret task she was to carry out.

I gave her a tool that would be used to achieve it.

It was a powerful crystal ball that I had made from Demon King Sabnac’s corpse.


This sphere would allow you to use a certain magic only once. And Eve had to succeed. I was careful as I taught her how to use it.


She looked genuinely alarmed when I told her about it. She looked at me and muttered,




That was a name for Mori Motonari. She was suggesting that even he would not have thought of such a plan. But really, it was best to wait for the outcome before drawing any such comparisons.


And so I focused on the soldiers that would go west.

The main force that would fight Eligos’s army.

I would be in the center.

Jeanne and Toshizou would take the left and the right respectively.


We would take the monsters with high mobility, Eve would take the ones that did not. And we moved on west.


It was a difficult journey.

From what I saw through the eagle’s eyes, there was a valley to the west.

The terrain became very narrow.

I would utilize it during the battle.

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