Realist Demon King – 41


“How many?”


“As you said before, they are near ten thousand.”


“I see. Leonidas held one hundred thousand with only three hundred men. We merely have to face a tenth of that. And our men are every bit as brave as his. We cannot lose.”


I said this loudly so the others could hear. That seemed to raise the morale of the Ashtaroth army.


“We have the greatest Demon King with us. We will surely win.”


“Demon King Ashtaroth would never fight a battle he could not win! We will win!”


“I was once in Sabnac’s army, and still, I was welcomed by King Ashtaroth. I will repay that debt today!”


They exclaimed. And then took formation near the mouth of the valley.


If we were stationed here, there would be no fear of attacks from the back or the sides. And so we would only have to face a small number of enemies at once. It minimized our disadvantage in terms of numbers.


However, it was still incredibly one-sided.


We were three hundred.

And they were ten thousand.


I wanted to maintain a situation where it was always one hundred vs one hundred, but as our army was comprised of humans and monsters, they would eventually tire.


As for Eligos’s army, they were main undead.


Undead were not particularly strong as monsters, but they did not tire like humans.

They did not tire at all.

They did not know fear.

And they did not retreat.

That would give them a great advantage in this fight.

No matter how weak they were, they would not cower at the sight of their fellows being cut down. 

I didn’t show any of my anxiety to my soldiers, but I had to think of this realistically and calculate.


Three hundred against ten thousand. Normally, we would lose. However, we could win this if we could last for three days.


Three days. It sounded simple, but it was a long time.

The soldiers would have to face the fearless undead for three days and three nights.

Now, were they up to that challenge?

And would Demon King Eligos move as I predicted?

That was one thing that had me worried, but there was no turning back now.


I could already see the army of undead ahead of us.

The first group had arrived.

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