Realist Demon King – 73


This was because the mercenaries were there as well.

Not only had they been robbed of their gold, but they saw what Decarbai was doing to his people, and they attacked.

Perhaps there was a small sense of justice there as well.

Or perhaps it was just fear over what would happen to them next.

Who knows?


But one thing was for certain, there was someone among their ranks who helped fan the flames. A ninja from my own army.


Fuma Kotaro had disguised himself as a mercenary. He held the fake gold high into the air and accused Decarbia of lying to his people.


The mercenaries burned with rage and helped the people. Chaos was starting to erupt around the castle. But there were some who were more cautious.


Mercenaries started to question.

Citizens started to doubt.


“If we fight now, our pride might be saved, but we will eventually be captured by Decarbia and killed.”


They weren’t wrong. But the Demon King who devised the plan wouldn’t allow that to happen.


And so Fuma Kotaro raised his voice.


“All of you! Yes, we may be killed by Decarbia if things continue. He is a cruel king. However, King Ashtaroth, who is preparing to attack this castle, is different. You may have heard rumors about his coldness and cowardice. But he is a most merciful king. We should side with him instead!”


The resident and mercenaries had heard rumors of Demon King Ashtaroth.

And more than half of them were bad.

As for the good, he was smart and a brilliant general who defeated Sabnac in just one month.


As for the bad, he was a coward and a monster who would do anything for victory.


There were some who had heard stories about the death of a Hero who was still young.


“Can we really trust such a king? We might regret it.”


They whispered to each other. But Fuma Kotaro’s voice boomed again.


“Demon King Ashtaroth is a schemer, it is true. But he would not pay you with false coin or execute you over protests. His castle town has been thriving recently. I will not force you to follow me, but I intend to cooperate with him.”


That seemed to do the trick. But it was ultimately a matter of relative evaluation.

They were taking my side in order to get rid of the more immediate threat.

They weren’t completely sold on the idea.

But they didn’t see any other choice.

When I knew about this, I quickly sent my army forward and dispatched a messenger to the town of Decarbia.


It contained a letter, guaranteeing the safety of the people and their possessions.

It was partly for show, but it did a lot to encourage the rebel troops. And so they happily opened the gates of Decarbia’s castle.


And like that, we avoided a most annoying siege. And the army was able to advance into Decarbia’s castle.

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