Realist Demon King – 84


“Decarbia had told us. He sent Zagam a gift. I’m currently investigating the truth of this, but I have a very bad feeling about it.”


“I’ve been worrying about it myself. Yes, I suppose we will require a long spear corps.”


I was reminded of an incident regarding Toyotomi Hideyoshi.


His master, Nobunaga, wanted to joust, and so he was to prepare a spear that was longer than anyone else.


Because he knew that farmer soldiers who were not properly trained would fight better with long spears instead of short and strong ones.


And so I would prepare some long spears as well. But they would be longer than Hideyoshi’s.


Five meters.


When Eve heard this,

“Humans are not capable of holding spears that are so long.”

She warned. But I never said anything about having humans wield them.


“They will be held by monsters, won’t they? Big ones.”


“Yes, Kongming.”


He understood my aim immediately.

And so I used the materials I had acquired in Decarbia’s castle to create these large monsters.


Green sunstone and cloud tree went into the Klein bottle.

When the smoke settled, a giant monster appeared.


[Rarity] Gold Rare ☆☆☆

[Race] Troll

[Job] Warrior

[Combat Ability] 560

[Skill] Monster Strength


Trolls were half-giants.

I knew that they would be able to handle the long spears just fine.


And so I immediately told the dwarf, Gottlieb to make the long spear in Ashtaroth Castle.


As I had summoned thirty trolls, I needed thirty spears at the least. I never would have thought the day would come when I’d need so many spears of that size.


I apologized to him through Telepathy. He laughed.


“I do not mind. Quite the opposite. A dwarven blacksmith lives for requests that test his skill.”


He was a natural-born craftsman.


Now, since the summoning was finished, the rest could be left to Kongming.


The special order spears would arrive several weeks later. Then he would have a team of fighters that could take down the horse-riding knights. They would surely prove to be very strong after they were properly trained.


Kongming had said he did not want to wage war anymore, but what he really meant, was that he would not stand on the battlefield. He was still more than capable of training and strategizing.


I was sure that he would turn into a most reliable Hero indeed.

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