Reason why a Magical Pharmacist loves his Second Disciple – 1


This is a little?

And an improvement?
In this state?

A chill went down my spine when I imagined what the room might usually look like.

While it was in a far corner, this was still a part of the castle. I had been expecting gorgeous furniture lined up beautifully. But I suppose that only happened in fairy tales.

But the tea set that the young miss brought out was something worthy of the royal palace. It had pretty little flowers painted on its white, porcelain surface. Once it was in the hand of the young miss, it was as if we were at a fancy tea party.

I chose a sofa that had the least amount of things covering it and picked up the expensive looking cup. I wonder how much just one cup would cost? Somehow, I doubted that a month of my salary would cover it.

The tea leaves were probably quite expensive as well. The fragrance was so different compared to the tea that I was used to drinking.

The taste must surely be delicious as well, I think as I take a sip.


What was this…!

I nearly died in agony over how despicable it was. It was bitter. Too bitter.

“Wha-what is…”

“Dear me, was it not to your liking?”

“No, it’s not really a matter of liking, but…”

I took a peek inside of the teapot, and inside was an unfathomable amount of tea leaves. The lid of the teapot was even sitting atop of the leaves. Oh, God.

“You must forgive me. I’ve never poured tea in my life…”

Could such a person exist in this country, where tea was practically a substitute for water? Yes. There was such a person right in front of me.

Well, such a thing was more likely among nobles, I suppose.

Most of the people who worked here at the castle were of the noble class.

There were common folk too, but aside from those who were especially gifted, most were either soldiers or servants.

But this young miss must be a noble. The fact that she(?) didn’t know how to pour tea and her actions and words were proof of it.

The dress that she was wearing was not particularly elaborate, but judging by the materials and tailoring, it was of high quality. Only a noble would find it financially viable to wear something like that as everyday clothing.

And she had also referred to Lord Brail as ‘Sylvester.’ Not by his surname but his first name. She had also not added his title, which meant that she was likely his equal or even superior in status.

So that meant I had allowed a noblewoman to pour me some tea. A very high ranking one at that.

Hahahaha. I was in a near panic, but the young miss was cocking her head to the side as if not understanding what she had done wrong. The answer was the amount of tea leaves.

“Uh, um…”

“What is it?”

“May I make the tea?”

“Heavens! As if I could allow a guest to do such a thing.”

“It is fine, it is fine!”

It was I who was sorry to have allowed a noble to make me tea.

A new tea set was brought out and I prepared the tea in my usual, skillful manner.

“So you only need a small portion of the leaves.”

“Yes. Generally, one tablespoon is considered appropriate for a single person. As we are two, I shall use two spoonfuls.”

“Is that all one needs to observe?”

“It is most important to maintain a high temperature. Both the pot and the cups should be heated in advance. Then you must pour the boiling hot water into the pot with the tea leaves as quickly as you can. After that, place the tea cozy around the pot and wait for three to four minutes. Then it is complete.”

I offer the finished product to her.

“It’s delicious! It is completely different to what we’ve just been drinking.”

“Thank you very much.”

Thank goodness. It was to the noblewoman’s liking.

Now that I had received her seal of approval, I too could relax and drink.

But, just then.

“Ah, so you’ve already arrived then.”

A single man appeared.

Lord Sylvester Brail.

The person who had called me here.


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