Ryusousha – 11


“…Ah, damn it!”

I took one step and felt something like an electric shock.


“Magic has been activated.”

It was probably to detect intruders. But I didn’t recognize it at all.


And so I stopped and spread out my senses.


I couldn’t sense anything.

It was some very advanced magic.


Had they brought in some brilliant mage from Makoku?

That would be bad.


And so I focused on a smaller area and raised the precision.


“…Hmm. This?”


Within the darkness that surrounded me, I saw what looked like a grey strand.

So, the detection barrier wasn’t a surface. It used strings.


It was no wonder I didn’t notice anything.

I could barely see them.


However, strings like this should be avoidable.

And so I moved slowly while avoiding the strings.


“…Phew. I made it. I haven’t been so nervous in a while.”


I was in the castle courtyard.

All kinds of magic barriers were set up here, so I could not move carelessly.


“I suppose I won’t be able to disarm them.”


I had no choice. And so I ascertained each one while moving forward.

Detection barrier, defense barrier, alarm barrier… How many were there?


It took too much time going through without disarming them.

It was about 10 minutes just to move a few meters.


There are too many!

I wanted to shout.


“Why were they so cautious? Who were they expecting?”


It took me a full hour.

And then finally, I was able to reach the door that was exclusively for Shadows. Father had brought me here before.


“I feel too exhausted to do anything now.”


I wanted to go back to the dormitory.

But, I couldn’t. …Hahh…

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  1. I am liking this shadow crossing thing more…hehehe.. Maybe the queen would still allow him to be a Right hand at the same time as a Dragon master since he’s very good in infiltration…surely the Queen would not waste such a talent… Thanks for chapter!!

  2. Who were they expecting… probably a young member of their organisation, who has never had the chance to compare himself to anyone else but the previous strongest (his father) and because of that has a screwed perception of his own strength and what is considered normal.

    Thank you for the chapter.

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