Ryusousha – 17


“Is that so?”

“Yes. Mira’s had fights with customers before. And she hates to lose. I wonder who she got that from, eh?”


Now that I think about, the person I had met earlier had glared at me.

She seemed like the type you wouldn’t want to make angry.


After a while, Mister Rob’s wife, Missus Faine, returned.

One of their daughters had taken her place. I wondered which one.


“Welcome, Young Leon. Harui’s told me all about you. He said you’re going to carry on the bakery.”


“It’s nice to meet you. I intended to do that, but…”

I showed her my hand.


“Oh, the Dragon Mark. So, you came to the Royal Capital…in order to attend the academy?”

“Yes. My life’s plans have gone mad. And I’m trying to figure out what to do.”


“Most people would be very jealous of your position. Does it trouble you so much?”

“I’ve always wanted to become a baker.”


“Well, I can understand that. But it’s no use.”

“Yes. But I was wondering, couldn’t I work here? Even if it’s just while I’m attending the Dragon Academy?”


My purpose for coming here was to work at Fluffy Bouloire.

If I was forced to study nothing but dragons for 2 years at the academy, I’d feel suffocated.


How could I do the things that I wanted to do?

I had discussed this with father, and he suggested I could work here part-time.


Of course, he said that I must ask myself.

I understood what my father meant, and so I had. But, perhaps it was all too sudden.


“But, this place is very far from the Dragon Academy.”

“Indeed. Are you quite sure?”


“I could use the exercise. Besides, I’m asking you this, because I didn’t feel it was too bad after having walked here.”


“Well, I suppose. So, what do you want to do?”

“Back at home, I helped with preparing the dough and with the baking. So I would like to continue doing that.”


“The baking, then. Indeed, it would be a great help to have someone who could work in the kitchen, but it is very hard.”

“But I’ve been doing it every day ever since I can remember.”


“Then you should be fine. Still, we get up very early here.”

“It’s hard for me to not get up before the sun does.”


Bakers had early mornings.

After all, they had to be ready in time for everyone’s breakfast.


“Alright, just don’t hurt yourself in order to come here. Things will be a lot easier here with another pair of hands.”

“Yes. The battlefield that is our mornings should calm down a little.”


As Mister Rob and Missus Faine had agreed to it, it was decided that I would start working at the Fluffy Bouloire.


“Thank you. I’ll start tomorrow then.”


“We’ll be waiting.”


So, I would be able to bake even while in the capital.

Well, I must say, my time here was off to a pretty good start.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, I am sure the ‘bodyguards’ will go crazy trying to understand why such a dangerous assasin wakes so early to go to the bakery!!!!!!

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