Ryusousha – 23


So I understood why they didn’t want to tell me.


“It would be best if you could clean this up before the reinforcements arrive…but is that too hard for you?”

“When are they arriving?”


“They are traveling with a merchant caravan, so it should be 3 or 4 days from now.”

“3 or 4 days. I might be able to do it if I am allowed to do it in my own way.”


“What do you mean?”

“If I can act a little boldly, it might just work.”


My abilities were more fit for pursuing.

And so it was better for me to have the enemy appear.


“I hope you won’t be excessive? …If you draw too much attention, Foul Eater and the others might take notice.”


Foul Eater was a Right Hand that worked in this city.

The Right Hands here weren’t my enemies.


“Would it be bad if they did?”


“Who knows? They were ordered to withdraw, as they failed in their mission. But they are not happy about it at all.”


I believed she said their names were Foul Eater, Beheader, and Thousand Needles.


“I don’t really care what they think about me. But if they get in my way, I will kill them.”


A professional shadowing a professional. That would be like asking me to kill them.


“Isn’t that a little morbid?”

“Ah, and are you the type who tries to persuade someone to talk once they have a sword pointed at your neck?”



“So please tell them to stay out of my way if they don’t want to die.”


“They will interfere without a doubt if I told them that. Mister ‘Shadow Crosser,’ are you trying to provoke them on purpose?”


“I’m just saying what should be very clear already. But since I have your permission, I think I’ll go take a look now.”


“Huh!? Now!? Hey, wait. I’ll go too…”


She said frantically. But of course, I would not wait.

I melted into the shadows.

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