Ryusousha – 24

Chapter 24


I continued on after diving into the shadows. And then the mansion I infiltrated in the afternoon came into view.

It was the only enemy base that I knew the location of.


“…I can’t sense anyone here.”


It was the same during the day. Nothing on the outside had changed.

And I couldn’t see any light coming from within.


I had left hair in several places, such as between the front door, and they were still there.

I spread my senses to the surrounding area, but it didn’t seem like anyone was watching me.


“So, it really is abandoned after all.”


I couldn’t help but feel that way now.


The lady had said that there were others.

So they had moved their base of operations then.


I had already checked all the rooms before, and they were empty.

Maybe they were preparing to sell the house.


Well, if no one was using it now, I could take advantage of that.

With some preparation, I could lure the enemy out.


As I had nothing else to do there, I returned to the dormitory.


“…So, you were waiting here all this time.”


When I reached the dormitory garden, I sensed something right below my room.

It was her.


“Of course, I have. …And? How was it?”

“I don’t think this can be cleaned up quickly. But I do have a plan. Though, I’m not sure if it will work.”


“You have to hurry. The reinforcements will arrive.”

“That’s not really my concern… But I’ll start tomorrow. I guess it all depends on what happens then.”


“Hmmm. And what are you going to do?”

“It’s a secret. It’s nothing big, but I don’t want any information to get out.”


“Hey, are you saying I would betray you?”

“It’s more that if you act while knowing what the plan is, it will be easier for the enemy to speculate. And you can’t act if you don’t know.”


“I suppose.”


“The school entrance ceremony is the day after tomorrow, I so I’d like to finish things quickly. Well, we’ll talk again if I fail. Maybe I’ll have to take care of these reinforcements as well as the present issue.”


“…Very well. It really is troublesome to have an enemy that can easily slip into the castle. So you must put an end to it.”


“I will give it my best shot… That being said, why are you supporting the Left Hands so much? I know that you all serve Her Majesty together, but your groups aren’t exactly friendly towards each other. Everyone should protect their own territory.”


“It’s a bit of a sore spot, but there is a reason for it.”

“Will you tell me?”


“Would you be surprised I said that someone in my family was a Left Hand?”

Yes. A little.


“There are Right Feet and Left Hands in your family?”


“Yes. My grandfather is a Left Hand of the Queen. But I’m no good with combat, and so I chose this path.”

She said as she tapped her leg.


In other words, her family was just like mine.

The family passed down the role of Shadow. However, not everyone in the household knew.


I heard that in the royal capital, there were a lot of ways to support without taking an official position.

And so she started in that direction and proved to be very skilled.


She had an alias in spite of being so young, after all. I believe it was Swarm Cloud.

It was kind of an odd name.


“I see. Well, I will try my best tomorrow.”

“Please do. I’m counting on you. Goodbye.”


Her presence disappeared… No, I could still feel it faintly. She wasn’t very good.


Well, she was probably considered very good for a Right Foot.

I had a bad habit of comparing others to my brother in law.


“Seeing the others really reminds me of how my father and brother are anomalies.”


Both of them were incredibly good at hiding their presence.

When they did it in front of you, it was hard to tell where they went and at what speed.


Even if you were a Right Foot, it took immense training, willpower and inherent qualities to reach that level.


“I should go too then.”


And so I melted into the shadows before anyone noticed me.

It was a bit much to return to your room like this, but it was the easiest way.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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