Ryusousha – 41


“Long ago, there was the country of Jukoku. Didn’t it fall because…”


There was once a country south of Makoku that was called Jukoku.

It was west of Shoukoku and Gikoku.


“Yes, it fell during the last Great Shift. One of Gikoku’s cities had declared independence and created a trade area. And it was this city that Jukoku targeted when the Great Shift occurred. Back then, no one was able to predict the shifts.”


I didn’t know too much about it.

But apparently, the number of Moon Beasts that fall will increase right before a Great Shift.


As the Moon Beasts were becoming a problem, Jugoku had attacked the independent trade area as a way of dealing with it.


Unluckily for them, that was when the Great Shift happened.


Jukoku had no way of dealing with the numerous Moon Beasts that appeared in their lands.

Their soldiers frantically returned to their country.

However, when they arrived, their capital city was gone without a trace.


Jukoku fell, and the lands were divided among Makoku, Gikoku, and the newly created country of Shoukoku.


The people of Jukoku that survived then scattered and were absorbed by the other countries.


Such a Great Shift was about to begin again.

This was a terrible thing.


“Your Majesty, will it really come to war?”

“I think it will. I don’t see any other way for Makoku to survive.”


I agreed.

A Great Shift was just the moon changing its trajectory, but according to the records, it was always moving very slowly over the years.

That’s why the steel shells constantly fell—in other words, the Moon Beasts continued to appear.


The entire route of the moon was a landing point for the Moon Beats.

If a town happened to be there, it would fall. Cities were no exceptions.

Same with farms and fields of crops.


I didn’t know how far the moon would move, but the last time, it was 3 or 4 days travel by carriage in terms of distance.

Regardless, there was no escaping the fact that Makoku’s very center would be destroyed.


“Now that they know, we can expect their interferences to increase. So I will depend on you.”

“Yes… Everything for you, Your Majesty.”


And like that, I became a Right Hand of the Royal Capital, just like I was at Sol.

I could hardly object. The country’s survival was being threatened.


“I’m so glad that you came to the city during this time, Leon.”


The queen said with an easy laugh. I would never understand her.

However, it was perhaps a good thing that she was able to stay calm, even in such times.


“I will devote myself to my duty wholeheartedly.”

“I will send you a linker. So do your best.”


I bowed deeply.



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  1. What an interesting turn of events. An event that you will most likely not find in any average mainstream story. This novel has something special.

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