Ryusousha – 46


“There they are. Some veteran Dragon Masters are mixed in with them. They are practicing formations and taking their positions. Let’s go a little closer.”


Instructor Kisa took us to an elevated platform where we would have a better view.

When I looked at the Dragon Masters, it was very easy to tell who was a veteran and who was a Second-Year.


The dragons of the Second-Years seemed awkward.

Dragons were supposed to understand the will of the rider, but in this case, the Dragon Masters did not know what speed, what distance and what direction they wanted to fly in.


They were just desperate to keep up with the constantly changing formations, and their timing was completely off.


“The difference is pretty huge.”

“Leon. What are your thoughts after seeing them?”


Instructor Kisa asked after hearing my mutterings.


“You said they were practicing formations, but it’s more like they are practicing moving between formations. As the center dragon changes, the Dragon Masters who are unable to make quick judgments are lagging behind.”


“Are you from a military family, Leon?”

“No? We’re bakers.”


“Well, is there a Dragon Master in your family? A distant relative, perhaps?”

“Not at all.”


“I see. Perhaps you have a natural gift then. I was going to explain it later, but this training is just what you said. They are practicing so they are able to keep up when a formation changes. There is a Dragon Master that will be in the center when it happens, but the Second-Years have trouble knowing which one it is.”


The other students muttered, ‘ah’ and ‘I see.’


“As there are different types of Moon Beasts, it is necessary to change formations immediately and minimize the damage as they fight. Flying dragons will crash into each other if they are not guided properly.”


That would be very dangerous for the rider. They might get thrown off and die.


“The first thing a Dragon Master must learn is how to maintain the right distance from other dragons. Well, medium-sized dragons don’t have much to worry about. Ah, here it comes.”


Everyone looked in the direction that Instructor Kisa was pointing.





Several people shouted and screamed.

Medium dragons were supposed to be able to crush Moon Beasts by themselves.


And one had arrived.


“Medium-sized dragons are 100 meters long, including the tail. Please don’t forget it. It will be in the test later on.”


She was clearly joking, but no one laughed.


The dragon that we were looking at would probably be categorized as an Earth Dragon.

They were known to be larger than Running Dragons and Flying Dragons of medium size.

And it was much faster than I expected!


Every time it moved, the ground would shake, and it’s frightening face came closer to us.


A few students even ran. It couldn’t be helped.

When facing someone you had no chance against, humans would be exposed to a deep-rooted fear.


“Yes. There is Instructor Jinis, who trains the Second-Years. He’s come to say hello.”


I think you mean he’s come to scare us to death.


I bet they did this every year on purpose.

After all, I could see that Instructor Jinis was enjoying himself.


“Hello, fledglings. Are you surprised?”

His expression was so smug that it almost felt malicious.

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