Ryusousha – 46

Chapter 46


I got up early and helped out at the bakery.


When that was done, I returned to the dormitory to eat breakfast and spent the rest of the time talking with Ark before class started.


We were allowed to do whatever we wanted once classes finished, and I always went to the bakery if I was free.


Like that, the first ten days went by rather uneventfully.


“By the way, we talked about the war between Ryukoku and Makoku before, didn’t we?”

Ark said one day as we were chatting.


“Uhh, yeah. You were telling me about the start of the Lucustra dynasty.”


“Yes. Ryukoku was on the brink of destruction, but thanks to the rebellion started by the People of the Mist, they were able to make a peace treaty with Makoku.”


I recalled what Ark had told me.

Ryukoku had been weakened by so many Dragon Masters leaving.

Makoku initially had an advantage, but that was taken away after the rebellion.


“I remember that. What about it?” 

“But did I tell you that the People of the Mist were originally from Ryukoku?”


“No…I don’t think so.”

I thought they were just a small tribe of people that lived in the mountains.


“According to a legend that is told in my homeland, the People of the Mist were a group that left the old capital. They were called Searchers and Wanderers back then.”


Stories about the age during the old capital were not talked about very much.

The main reason was that most of the documents during that time were destroyed. It didn’t help that the royal line had also ended there.


“Are you saying they started the rebellion out of loyalty to Ryukoku?”

Had they stood up to save their old country from danger?


“I don’t think that had anything to do with it. They had plenty of reason to be angry with Makoku. Besides, once that was done, they were finally accepted properly by the country.”

“They were absorbed.”


“Yes. If I had the authority and capable subordinates…and lots of time… I would use it to uncover the secrets of our old capital.”


“Which secrets?”

“About the royal family that disappeared, for one. …Well, it’s just a dream I have. It will never come true.”


Ark said. He seemed a little less lively than usual.

He had a strong fondness for his hometown. But his goals were very different from mine.


Life in the Dragon Academy continued peacefully without incident.


I was now used to studying and was able to fit in with my classmates. It was then that Instructor Kisa said that we would go and pay the Second-Years a little visit, so we could watch them.


Watching as part of studying.

It was boring having to sit in our chairs all of the time. But going outside always meant intense exercising, and so the others were starting to lose their enthusiasm and were finding it harder to concentrate. So this was good timing.


It would be nice to see a real dragon.

Such things must have been considered when creating the curriculum.


“The Second-Years are currently practicing formations. Now, let’s go.”

Instructor Kisa took us past the athletic field and down a path through the forest.


“There will be a lot of dragons there, so please be careful.”

She warned before we came out.




There was a group of over 50 dragons.



“So many!?”


The others gasped.


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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