Two Saints – 76

Too Spontaneous


Maki and Chiharu frantically searched from the window. Maki had always had good eyes. As for Chiharu, she used to wear contact lenses, but her eyesight had improved upon coming to this world.


“So, what I thought were white waves, was really the sunlight reflecting off of their scales…”

“How many are there… There are more than we saw on the merfolk island.”


Maki muttered as she turned around and said to no one in particular,


“Is the merfolk kingdom close to Lowland?”


Maybe there were a lot of merfolk near Lowland, just like there were a lot near the island. So, was the merfolk kingdom in-between Lowland and the island? They would have to go there eventually, but they had never learned about its location.


However, everyone traded glances but kept silent. It was no wonder. Because they didn’t know.


“Do you know anything, Aeris and Grudo?”


Edwy finally asked.


“I have heard about it being an island that was near the border of Midland and Lowland.”

“But I heard it was closer to the elf territories.”


Grudo and Aeris replied.


“In other words?”


Maki said.


“No one knows.”

“Then how were we ever supposed to visit it!”


Maki couldn’t help but shout.


“You had plans to go?”

“Amia invited us. We were supposed to go once things settled down.”



Chiharu interrupted her.


“Maybe finding it is the quest!”

“That’s way too hard! We’ve only been in this world for two months! Even the 300-year-old elf and dwarf don’t know!”


Maki put her hands on her head and tousled her hair.


“Also, Chiharu. This involves you just as much as it does me.”

“Right, sorry!”


Chiharu said. Maki sighed and then asked again.


“Argh. But why would there be so many here if they didn’t live nearby? Is there a merfolk store here too?”



Nyran shook his head.


“Merfolk can be seen here occasionally, as the beach is very beautiful. But I’ve never seen this many gather here before. That’s probably why the birdfolk came to watch.”


And then Nyran turned to Aeris and said,


“Aeris. After we land at the airport, I would like to stop by the beach before we head to the castle.”

“I don’t mind. But it would be best to take Maki and Chiharu straight to the castle.”

“We will lose a lot of time if the merfolk catch the Saintesses. So that is a good idea.”

“Very well. We will split into two groups.”


And so Kaider and Nyran would stop by the beach before going to the castle.


The airship flew slowly around the beach and then headed for the port. Then it landed.


They got out one by one. And though airships were in no way unusual, a crowd had gathered around.


“What? Did information about the Saintesses leak? Ah.”


As Kaider looked around them, he suddenly noticed something.


“What is it, Kaider?”

“Maki. And especially Chiharu. Don’t come out yet!”

“What? But we already did.”



When the crowd began to open before them, a merman draped in thin cloth walked out towards them.


“Beloved children.”

“Ah, it’s that young guy we met on the island!”


Chiharu shouted in surprise.


“So you remembered me.”

“Of course we did. It was only two days ago.”


Chiharu chuckled. That meant that this young merman swam all of the way here in just two days. But it was not too strange, as they were just as fast as the birdfolk, if not faster. However…


“What happened?”

“I would like to talk by the sea, if that’s possible.”


Chiharu looked at Maki. Then they said,




And they nodded and started to walk towards the sea.


“Maki. Chiharu! Don’t go!”


Kaider shouted.


“It will probably take longer if we don’t go.”

“Why don’t you come too if you’re so worried?”


After all, they had decided not to go off on their own anymore.


“Tsk. We have no choice. Nyran and I will go then.”

“No, we will all go.”


Edwy said.


“There is no point in going to the castle without Nyran.”

“Th-that’s true. Then we’ll all go. Uh, hey! Maki and Chiharu!”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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