Ryusousha – 22

Chapter 22


That night, I sensed a presence outside of my window.

Someone was there.



I tried widening my senses from inside the room. I couldn’t hear anything, but there was definitely someone there.


“Everyone is asleep.”

The two second-years had fallen asleep before Ark finished talking.

Perhaps they were so relieved to be back in the dormitory. I doubted they would wake up.


Ark was also sleeping very soundly. He must have felt quite satisfied after talking so much.

I could hear their regular breathing.


“It must be for me then.”

The presence outside was not moving. It was as if someone was waiting for me.


I made sure they were all asleep one last time and then sunk into the shadows.


“It’s nice to meet you, ‘Shadow Crosser.’”

A figure dressed entirely in black was standing in the dormitory garden. Judging by the voice, the stranger was a woman.


“Good evening. Uh, what do I call you?”


“You can call me Swarm Cloud. I am a Right Foot for Her Majesty and act as a go-between for the areas surrounding the Royal Capital.”


“You have an alias.”
“Yes. Though, I hardly deserve it.”


Swarm Cloud’s voice sounded quite young.

My guess was that she was the same age as my brother in law, if not a little older. Mid-twenties, perhaps.


“Why are you here? Am I to receive an order?”

“Of course. That being said, we usually wouldn’t send work to a Right Hand whose base of operations is Sol.”


“I understand that. I’m not used to this city yet.”

“I know. However, there were some Left Hands who insisted on having you do it.”


“Left Hands? Why?”

The Left Hands protected the Queen. Were they involved with this?

She was a Right Foot, but the job was coming from the Left Feet.


“It is rather complicated, so you must listen and use your own judgment.”

“Very well.”


“Then let me explain. …There are a number of bases for Makoku spies within the city.”

“That’s no surprise. I’m sure we have spies in every country as well.”


“Indeed. And usually, we will keep an eye on them but will do anything to interfere. But two unfortunate events have occurred recently. The first is quite simple. Information that should not be leaked has been leaked.”


“That’s a big deal, isn’t it?”


“Yes. The Moon Poet was targeted, so we believe there may be an informant within the castle.”

“Should you really be telling me this?”


The Moon Poet read the trajectory of our two moons, Eidano and Kaida. And through doing this, was able to predict when the Moon Beasts would appear on the Shadow Moon Road.


“That is not a problem. We are currently trying to wash out the traitor. Besides, there is no taking back what has already been leaked. However, the way that it happened is the important part.”


“An informant… Ah, I see. They contacted the Moon Poet.”


The Moon Poet likely stayed within the castle. That meant few people had direct access.

And it was not at all easy to enter the royal palace.


“Someone was able to get in. At least, we know that they got into the first inner compound of the castle. The Left Hands were astonished.”


“How far is that? I never went in through the front gate, so I don’t know.”



The Right Foot shook her head. Why?


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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