Ryusousha – 59


“Officially, there are now nearly 2,000 Dragon Masters in our country.”



Close to 30 people got the Dragon Mark every year.

Even if you acquired a dragon as a teenager, you would be registered as a Dragon Master for life. So that number seemed about right.


Though, there were Dragon Masters who retired, so the actual number would be lower.


“In reality, there are many more Dragon Masters in our country.”



That was a surprise. I was shocked.

As you acquired dragons during the ceremony, it wasn’t possible to keep their numbers a secret.

However, Hif was saying that there were more.


I didn’t know how it was possible. But the queen was hiding Dragon Masters.

Somewhere in this country.


“Documents have also been dug up from the old capital, and scholars have been studying them.”



“It was Her Majesty’s decision, that you should be aware of this.”

So I was now someone they could share confidential information with. That could only mean one thing.


“I understand. However, I’ve really never even heard of this group before.”


“It’s all very top secret. We cannot tell our own kin. Besides, our headquarters is on the Shadow Moon Road.”


The Shadow Moon Road. It was a place where you never knew when the Moon Beasts might fall.

That’s where their headquarters was. Even the most curious of people would not go near it.


“I see. Maybe it is possible then.”


I still wasn’t sure how they were able to gather Dragon Masters without the public finding out. However, Hif had taken three days to break through the barrier, just to deliver me this information. I didn’t see why he would lie.


After all, I had complete absolution, so I could go and ask the queen directly if I wanted.


“You will learn the finer details upon your return from the military exercise. However, it’s also possible that the Loyal Legion will move during Makoku’s attack, as well. And so it was deemed important that you be aware of them now.”


Perhaps he was finished because Hif’s presence began to fade.

“Well, that is all.”


With those last words, he slowly moved away.

His presence grew thin and I could barely see him.

After a few seconds, he disappeared entirely.


“That’s a pretty big secret to reveal right before I leave…huh? Wait…if I join this Loyal Legion, wouldn’t that mean I’ll be pulled even further away from my true ambition?”


My first ambition had been to be a baker who occasionally carried out assassinations for Her Majesty. That had been squashed by this Dragon Master business.


But if I had to join this Loyal Legion on top of all of that, my dream of living peacefully would become even harder to attain.


“We leave tomorrow… But I really want to bake bread right this instant.”


I muttered, even though I was shouting internally.

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  1. Hey if he joins the Legion and gets based at that Shadow Moon Road, he could become the baker who makes the bread for everyone at the base.

  2. XD when you pulled down unable to escape..

    thank you for the translations~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!
    hope its not as bad as 1918.

  3. His obsession with bread is getting real annoying
    You would think that his father would have taught him to put shadow work as a priority instead when the roles are inherited one to one
    It’s ok when he is serious and in his shadow work mode but otherwise he is just coming off as a whiny brat that found out that he cannot get what he wanted with all the talk about bread this and bread that
    Like you would think with the months that had passed he would have gotten used to the idea that no he cannot be a baker especially with the talk about responsibilities of those who have power in the past chapters
    It’s like he understands his situation but is being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn

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