Ryusousha – 6


I’m sure he would have been told when the time came. But it was hard to imagine that he knew it in advance.


It’s not like father or I said anything.

So, was it Her Majesty the Queen?


“You know, there are people in this town in the same line of work as me that I don’t even know.”

I knew there was one Right Hand in the northern part of town.

And there was one in the center and one to the south.


“Ah. Well, I am forbidden from telling you such things.”


The Queen’s Shadows were separated into various departments and they did not know of each other.


If one department was caught by the enemy and destroyed. At least the other departments might still survive since they were not connected. At least, that was the reasoning.


Christan himself said he knew nothing about what was going on in the other seven great cities.


“I don’t really mind, though.”


While sometimes I worked with help, I preferred to act alone.

And I doubted there would be many missions in the future where we moved as a group.


“Alright, I have your report now. …Ah, yes. You’ll stop by my town on the way to the capital, won’t you? You must visit the shop then. I’ll tell the wife that you will.”


“Fine. Give my sister my regards.”

“I will. Until we meet again.”


Christan waved his hand and then left.


“The capital, huh… The last time I went, there hadn’t been any time to sightsee.”


Three years ago. It was the day I turned 14.

Father took me to meet the queen so that I could take his place.


It was a bitter memory. I had messed up on the way back and returned to this town as if running away.


I was looking forward to seeing the royal capital again, but considering my mission, I also felt a little heavy.


“…Whatever will be will be.”


I decided not to think about it.

About my future…about being a Dragon Master.

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Translator: The word Ryusousha which is in the title means Dragon ‘controller/operator’ which seems to suggest they do more than just ride them(like a puppet-master). So I’m just going to use Dragon Master for now. 

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