Ryusousha – 60


“I guess this is part of our training.”


I knew it would happen, but I was exhausted. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to bake bread.

This was all from the fatigue of having to sit in the same position for so long.


We rubbed at our sleepy eyes as we set up our tents and cooked dinner.

While we sat down to eat, the instructors walked up to us.


“We are only a short distance away from the Shadow Moon Road now. It’s doubtful that the Moon Beasts will attack this campsite directly, but we must still stay on our guard. And so you will take turns patrolling the area.”


That was a rather demanding order.

We were a group of nearly 60 people. And it was decided that 8 would have sentry duties.


“To make things fair, how about drawing lots? Four people from each year.”


One of the Second-Years suggested.

People would be disgruntled if they were chosen specifically, so perhaps it was the best option.


Everyone prayed that they wouldn’t draw the lot as we began.


“…So, that’s settled then.”

I was assigned sentry duties with a Second-Year student.


“I guess we’ll be working together.”

The person who would stand guard with me was Irith Sodi.


He had a red scarf around his neck.

It wasn’t because he was cold, but to hide the Dragon Mark that had appeared there.


“I’m going to go patrol the area.”

“You sure take things seriously, Leon.”


“Well, people might die depending on how we act.”

“I suppose you’re right. Uh, do you want me to go with you?”


“We have to guard the campsite as well. You can signal to me with a whistle if you see anything.”

“Alright. You too. And be careful, Leon.”


“I’m used to this kind of thing.”

I said as I left the campsite.


The truth was, it was probably a good thing that I was chosen as a sentry.

We would camp out here for a few days and then move to a proper lodging facility.


This would be repeated several times until the military exercise was complete. And during this time, they would fight against Moon Beasts.

I hadn’t even seen a real Moon Beast yet.


I had only ever heard of them in stories.

And so I wasn’t sure about just how strong they were.


“Most people who live far away from the Shadow Moon Road are just as ignorant.”


It wasn’t just me. I doubted there was anyone my own age in Sol that had seen a Moon Beast.


I melted into the shadows and scanned the surrounding terrain.

While we expected an attack from Makoku, they wouldn’t know of our exact location yet.

And so I didn’t think tonight was the night worry.


“The real problem will come when we go to the base.”


It was where Christan and the others had gone. A place where a town had once been.

The town had fallen during a Great Shift.


As Moon Beasts would descend in that area, there were no plans to rebuild the town.

It was currently being used by Dragons Masters.


While it was small, there were walls and it was apparently quite impressive.

I couldn’t wait to see it.


“…Alright. That’s good enough.”

I finished searching the area.


What surprised me, was that the veteran Dragon Masters were positioned around us, as if to protect the campsite. 

Unless our luck was unbelievably bad, there should be no problem if I got a good night’s sleep.


As I thought this, a shadow moved behind me.

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  1. I suppose that’s medium sized earth dragon? It looks pretty big now that there’s human for scale. Can’t wait to see just how big large sized one is in illustration.

      • I assume that that’s one of those rare large-types and probably it’ll be Leon’s dragon. I don’t think having just one Patron will be enough to feed it.

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