Ryusousha – 68




To the west of Makoku, there was a range of mountains that humans could not cross.

They were called the Canopy Mountains.


Even trying to climb one of the mountains was to put your life at risk.

And even if you succeeded, there were many more mountains to block your path.


“No matter what magic you use, you will never be able to cross those mountains in the far off distance.”


True to those words, while many had tried to conquer those mountains, not a single person had succeeded and returned.

And so for many years, it was an unknown land.


However, one day, a group of Dragon Masters from Ryukoku overcame many obstacles and accomplished that feat.


“There was nothing beyond those mountains. Just endless wasteland. As there was hardly any vegetation, it is clear that the soil is very poor.”


No one knew how true this claim was, but from that time on, Makoku saw Ryukoku as a possible enemy. And they feared that Ryukoku’s power would one day be great enough to threaten them.


They had easily accomplished something that was impossible for them.

That was Ryukoku. And that was the dragons.

It was an incident that was carved deeply into the memories of the Makoku people.


After much time had passed. In the Makoku capital of Ivreel.

On the order of the Makoku king himself, the Ryukoku raiding party was about to depart.


“I know this is a near-impossible task. I may be branded as reckless. But for the sake of future generations, I am asking this of you.”


“We are not worthy of such words, Your Royal Majesty. We are the Thirteen Steps of Makoku. Our minds and bodies exist to serve the country.”


“I am sorry.”

“You are too kind, Your Majesty.”


“This has to be done before the Great Shift. Perhaps the thing that we cannot do will be easily done by Makoku. Your lives will be given in order to benefit the people and their descendants.”


“We ask for nothing more.”


“I’m counting on you.”

“We won’t fail you.”


The group secretly left Makoku that day and entered Ryukoku in the shadows of the night.


“From here, we will separate into two groups. Until we reach our destination, you must kill everyone you meet on the way. Do not leave any eyewitnesses.”



“Now go!”

“Yes. Good luck.”

“You too.”


A moonless night.

The group separated on the Shadow Moon Road.

One continued forward, the other went to the south.

The destination of the second group was Ryukoku’s capital.


The group that traveled on the Shadow Moon Road was contacted by someone.

Someone had entered Ryukoku in advance and gathered information.


“I know where the supplies are being sent. The students will be there. There is no doubt about it.”

“Good. We’ll continue onward. You return to the town and then move away immediately.”


“I will wait as a merchant caravan so you can return.”


“That won’t be necessary. We’ll have to kill all of them in order to avoid the Dragon Masters chasing us. Don’t worry about us, just go. Remember your duty.”

“…Very well.”


They continued on in the shadows of the night until they found the building they were looking for.


“Indeed, a great number of supplies are being brought in. But there are no Dragon Masters here. Apparently, they are currently bringing in civilians from the nearby town.”


“I see. So the students aren’t here yet.”

“Yes. It seems like they are still preparing for their arrival.”


“Fine. Anything else you have to report?”

“I wasn’t able to look inside. Also, I was able to see that they had Shadows guarding within the walls.”


“Ryukoku’s Shadows, huh? Did they know we were coming?”


“I don’t know. However, it didn’t seem like security was that tight. We shouldn’t have too much trouble getting in.”


“Good. We will attack the day that the students arrive. Until then, we will monitor them from afar.”



“Now we must find a place to hide and wait. The Shadow Moon Road is close by. There must a good place that the Dragon Masters won’t go near.”


“We will begin searching the land at once!”

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