Shatei Kyokufuri – 13


Such players were likely to see me as a threat, and would come to the tower to take me out.

Giririri…byuuu! Byuu! Byu!

However, getting closer only meant it would be easier for me to hit them. And my arrows also did more damage.

Unless they were in striking distance, I had the upper hand.

Besides, there was nowhere to hide once you got close to the tower.

And even if they managed it, I would still be able to hit them as they climbed the spiral staircase.

Kiririri….shuu! Shu! Shu! Shu! Shu!

‘50 Kills! You are the kill leader!’

–Beep! You have acquired the skill, ‘Sniping Insight.’

◆ Reason for acquiring

[Who Sees Far Away]

Repeatedly hitting a far away enemy with the use of range enhancing skills.

Sniping Insight

Boosts eyesight to match your current maximum range.

I would be able to see enemies that are far away!

So that’s what the new skill does.

Now that I thought of it, the rules had said something about how you could use any skill that you have acquired.

In other words, there was no problem if you used skills you got during the event.

I would be able to raise my accuracy with this now.

This was fun…!

This was really fun!
Okay, it was fun, but it’s starting to seem like a lot of players are gathering around me!?

This wasn’t a battle royale. It was tower defense.

What the hell was happening?

“Ah, could it be that the area…!”

It was.

In battle royale games, the area started to shrink as time passed. If you didn’t move, you would automatically take damage, and you would not survive for long even if you have recovery items.

Thanks to these rules, you could not win if you just hid in the same place the whole time.

But I had been lucky.

The areas were chosen at random, and I had just happened to be near the center.

On the other hand, this meant I was able to focus on killing and the alarm never went off…and so hadn’t noticed.

The tower was in the center of a shrinking circle.

So they weren’t being reckless by moving towards the tower.

They were coming to take down an annoying player who had monopolized an advantageous position.

“This… I’ve attracted way too much attention.”

Of course, I couldn’t stop attacking now.

That would be giving up.

I just had to accept that I was a bad old man!

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