Shatei Kyokufuri – 6


There just wasn’t much information out there.

I should try and gather information myself, and reach the top.

Well, it would never actually happen.

At my age, wanting to reach the top in an online game was one thing, but I didn’t have the energy.

 ◆ ◆ ◆

Now, the adventure continues.

But first, I had to open the window and do something.

“Oh, it was true. You gain a skill when reaching certain levels.”

As it was written in small letters in the status window, I hadn’t known this until I checked the website.

That was one thing I was glad to find.

The first one was a bonus for reaching level 5.

You could not choose which skill you acquired.

Apparently, the game chooses the skill based on your playstyle up until that point.

Which of course, meant that I should be given a skill related to archery.

–Beep! You have received the skill, ‘Bound Arrow.’

◆Reason for acquiring:

‘Bonus for reaching Lv5 on first job’

[Bound Arrow]

An arrow that bounces off objects. Bounces until it hits a player, monster, or reaches maximum range.

A tricky skill. It seems like it would be hard to use.

But since my goal was to be a sniper who stayed in one place, it was an amazing skill.

This meant that I could use the bounce effect to hit things that would usually be impossible to reach.

Not only that, but it could help disguise the direction that the arrow was shot from.

“I’d like to practice this in a field with no other players.”

It wasn’t something to show off in the park.

I wanted to practice it quietly and raise it to level 10.

There would be an event for beginners soon.

And it was pvp too.

While there was a part of me that hesitated, if I was going to participate, I wanted to win!

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    • Looks like the old man will be the pioneer of Nextaria’s archery in the near future.

      Like Bofuri, he might end up becoming the first place winner when he participates in the PvP battles.

      [Perhaps it was my own prejudice, but I alway thought of message boards for online games as being chaotic.]
      * alway —> always

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