Tensei Kenja – 0


Hmm. Definitely a dream.

Something like this wouldn’t appear in reality.

Apparently, I must have fallen asleep in front of my computer.


A Tamer…I guess it was that thing where you used monsters to fight.

A monster tamer in Japanese.

Unfortunately, my job has nothing to do with taming. I’m a corporate slave.


Well then, I should wake up.

I still have work to do.

Thinking this, I tried to wake myself up…but showed no signs of being able to do so.


This…I guess I had to give up for now.

If I stayed up for three nights straight, I could still make it before the deadline.


Luckily, I had my alarm clock set to 6 AM just in case I fell asleep like this.

Staying up for three nights straight would be hard, but I had stayed up for four nights in the past, so it was possible.


As I thought about this, a circular, clear blob appeared in front of my eyes.

Not only that, but it was moving like a living creature…it was a living creature.


I had never seen such a thing before…but I had an idea of what it was called.

Because I had seen them in different games before.

It was…a slime.

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Translator: I’m thinking about picking this up. Will have to translate a few chapters before I decide for sure.

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  1. I wouldn’t call it the most original nor the most well-written but it’s passable judging by the available 8 chaptahs before

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