Tensei Kenja – 107


It was completely dead.

So, I was able to do it like this as well.




‘It’s dead! So fast!’


The slimes shouted with joy when they saw that the Lesser Fire Dragon was dead.


And this method was a lot faster.

But… The magic depletion was also faster.


Actually, it was mostly because the depletion for water magic was ridiculously low.

What would really be easy was if I could blast them all at once with fire magic…


‘Magic Transfer—Fireball.’


I chanted. This time a fireball came out of the slime and hit the Lesser Fire Dragon.

But—it had no effect at all.


The Lesser Fire Dragon didn’t even look angry. In fact, it seemed to have not even noticed the attack.

Even if they were strong to fire, I had assumed that it would at least do some damage.


But it appeared to be true that they were strong to normal types of magic.


‘All right, experiment over. …I think it’s best that I just continue to use water magic.’


‘Whhhaat! But what about the ice one?’


The slimes started raising their voices in disappointment.

They had really taken a liking to the Area Freeze method.


‘That one uses too much magic energy. Water Discharge is better.’


‘…But will you use it if it gets dangerous?’




I wouldn’t be stingy about MP if we were in a bad situation.

If the slimes were ever in danger, I would use Area Freeze without hesitation.

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    • I think that, if they round up or just find a group of them, area freeze would probably be more MP efficient, because it’s an AoE attack magic rather than the effectively single-target non-combat-intended water discharge.

  1. Yep, you got to protect those adorable magic puddings. I wonder, doesn’t Yuji have any other single target or low mana usage ice magic? Anyway, hunting big lizards is not that hard, but let’s wait for those extra special big boys.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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