Tensei Kenja – 118


‘Magic Transfer—Magic Throwing Net!’


I said. This time, I transferred the magic to a slime that was in a nearby tree.


The first net had been a decoy.

The slime in the tree was the true attacker.




“From our blindside!”


No matter how skilled they were, they could not avoid a silent, magic net that shot at them from their blind spot.

And so both intruders were caught at the same time.


As for the slime who got stabbed…


‘AHHH! …Huh? It doesn’t hurt?’


While the knife had hit its target perfectly, their strong resistance to physical attacks and my defense magic had meant that the slime was unharmed.


The enemy had probably found the spot where the magic was activated, through sharp reflexes and good eyesight. But he had not known that the target was a slime.

And so he had used a physical attack that was useless against slimes.


“Damn it!—I can’t get out!”


“This isn’t a normal net! —It’s a magic net!?”


They shouted as they tried to cut their way out.


They looked very skilled with their movements…but all of their training was no good. As the fiber was magical.

And so it was not possible for them to cut their way out with swords.


Not only that, but the more they struggled, the more the thin threads bound them, and they were soon unable to move at all.

If was pretty nasty binding magic, to be honest.

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  1. Seeing how powerful this secret society seems to be and how weak everyone else (apart from our MC) in this world seem to be, I’m surprised they hadn’t already conquered the whole world, since they obviously have more than enough of power to do that in a heartbeat…

  2. “If was pretty nasty binding magic” -> {It was a pretty nasty binding magic}/{That is a pretty nasty binding magic} ~ something like that

    Lol, poor scared slime is still funny. Still, they dared attack the main characters, time for them to suffer. They most likely don’t know anything decent, so just make ’em pay for that knife. Yes, I really like the slime pets in this novel 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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