Tensei Kenja – 151


“Aye. …And so he should know more about an Adventurer’s ability than anyone else from the Blue Moon of Salvation.”


…So that guy used to be an assassin, huh.

What a terribly frightening guild.


“If Rogue says he is dangerous… Then surely he must be a big threat?”


“…It is very likely.”


Damn it.

Things were going in a very bad direction…


If I used ‘Area Freeze – Medium’ now, I could kill all three of them at once.

It would definitely be better to do it before this information spread to the rest of the group.


But…I would lose a very valuable source of information at the same time.

On top of that, who knows what Ordarion would do if they suddenly lost their leaders.

I should probably watch just a little bit longer.


As I thought about this…they started to talk again.


“But there is no point in going after him now. After all, it’s all finished.”


“Indeed. It doesn’t matter what happens in Ordarion anymore. This entire continent is breathing its final breath.”


So, they weren’t going to go after me in the end.

But the reason for it seemed very dark.


…This entire continent is breathing its final breath. What did that mean?

Had the Blue Moon of Salvation already started their plan to destroy the world?

As I wondered… The man was kind enough to explain.


“By the way, how is the building of the ‘Universe Purification Device’ going? Any trouble?”


“…The building of the ‘Universe Purification Device’ is a top-secret within the organization. Information about its status would not come to a small branch like ours.”


“We don’t even know where the location is… But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was activated 3 seconds from now, and the continent was destroyed.”


So, the Blue Moon of Salvation was going to use this ‘Universe Purification Device’ to destroy the continent.

I had to stop them somehow… But there was no way to do it if even the people of Ordarion had no idea where it was. 

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  1. What kind of naming sense is that? Not only this terrorist group is crazy senseless, they have a ban naming style. That makes them good only for killing. Time for some more slime action, might as well find that crappy named device, and smash it.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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