Tensei Kenja – 174



The next day.

After things had somehow settled down, I left the town in order to head towards Baozard’s territory.


Ultimately, the town’s way of apologizing to me was allowing me to stay at the best inn for free and feeding my slimes(who ate all of the fruits but said they were still hungry).

While it was very uncomfortable, Baozard had ordered, ‘Yuji is not something to be gawked at. So leave him alone.’ Things weren’t too bad after that.


‘How is the mountain?’


I asked while riding on the Proud Wolf.


‘I haven’t noticed any changes yet. The only thing that is different from normal…is that there are fewer plants on my land.’


That…is probably because of the slimes…?

They didn’t always eat this much… But once their appetites were stimulated, I was no longer able to control them.


‘…Let me know if they’re eating too much. I’ll try to think of a way to deal with it.’


‘No, I don’t care if there are fewer trees and grass right now. …That is nothing compared to the Red Herald Dragon.’


The Red Herald Dragon, huh.

I had come all of the way here in order to find information about it.

If what the Blue Moon of Salvation were saying was true, it would be returning soon…

But they weren’t always right.


‘If there is no change yet, then maybe it won’t return for a while.’


‘No. I do feel its presence. I believe that it will be soon.’


‘I see…’


I would have preferred it if it didn’t.

I didn’t want to fight against an enemy I couldn’t win against.

I thought about this as I climbed the mountain that the slimes had eaten their way through.

Translator: This is the latest chapter! We are all caught up. That means it will likely only be 1 chapter a week from here on out. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

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    • So did author end up dropping this? Just asking. Isekai Meikyuu does 2-3 chapters per year and Tsuki Douchuu took a long break and is now steamrolling again. In short not wprried until author gives confirmation he’s dropping it.

  1. Huh, went to update the “bookmark” on Novel Updates… and realised this is the actual latest chapter.
    I guess that means I won’t be coming immediately back after this headache passes.
    Thank you for the translations! I’ll be sure to return (though when.. I don’t know yet).
    Hmm… It seems I read about 156 chapters in this (slightly broken up) extended sitting, well.. if you count Chapter 19 which I re-read to get my head back in the story.
    Thanks muchly for the entertainment, I’ll definitely return in the future.

  2. Since NU says the author deleted the WN, does that mean that the LN and Manga will be the only versions available for consumption from now on? In a way that’s a shame since I got hooked on the WN which is miles better than the manga.

  3. Aaaaaaah this was so good i ended up reading it in one day wtf what do i do with my life now since this is probably the last chapter and i want to continue the journey ;-; my addiction to cute slimes ;-; yuji didn’t even get the heroine yet ;-;

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