Tensei Kenja – 19




I got the slime’s consent and then threw it up into the air.

The wolf ignored the slime and came at me.


And just as the slime was out of the wolf’s vision…my magic activated.


“Magic Transfer–Capture!”


And then a net shot out of the floating slime and captured the wolf.

As it was magic for capturing things, it was very strong and stopped the wolf from moving.


“…Sword Summon.”


I said and summoned a sword. And then I pointed it at the wolf.

And then…




It started to whimper sadly. There was no sign of the hostile beast from a moment ago.

But I had no idea what it was trying to say.

Maybe I couldn’t understand monsters who haven’t been tamed.


As I wondered this, I realized there was something called ‘Monster Mutual Understanding’ in my Tamer skills.

Maybe I could use this to talk to animals I hadn’t tamed.


And so I activated it.

And then I started to hear the voice of the monster…it was even more pathetic than I had expected.


“Wooof-oooof! (Help me! Don’t kill me!)”


“Uh, I’m not trying to kill you. I just want to ride you…”


“Squeak! Woof! Bark! Bark! (I’m sorry! A scrub wolf like me shouldn’t have attacked you! Don’t kill me! I will do anything!)”



It was so shameless that I lost any desire to have it join us.

Still, it was bigger than ordinary wolves and seemed like it would be able to carry me…


“Uh… Alright, can I tame you then?”


“Bark!(Yes! Gladly!)”


The wolf answered. And then there was a bell ring and a window appeared.



‘Monster: You have tamed a Proud Wolf.’



A Proud Wolf?

…Was it just me, or was there not an ounce of pride to be seen?

…Oh, well.


“I won’t kill you. So, can you take me to those mountains over there?”


‘Okay! Please ride me!’


The Proud Wolf said as it lowered itself to the ground.

Yes, I didn’t feel any pride in it whatsoever…but at least I had a new means of transformation.

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  1. “Yes, I didn’t feel any pride in it whatsoever…but at least I had a new means of transformation.” Awesome he picked up a transformer seems like its a decepticon though, wish he had gotten an autobot. ;-P

  2. I’ve read the manga, and the wolf is probably my favorite character (admittedly, there are really only a few characters that we see more than a few times, and that’s the MC, the wolf, and the slimes, if you can count them all as one, since they seem to all be pretty much clones of one another with no defining features to separate them)

    Yeah, there’s really not a lot of character to the characters in this novel. It’s still good tho. Just… could be better.

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