Tensei Kenja – 2



“Hey, you guys. Do you know of any place that has food?”


I asked the slimes.

The slimes began to jiggle when they heard this question.


Well, it seemed like they were trying to tell me something.

…Unfortunately, I was not proficient in Slime.

Then it happened…the following words appeared in my head.


‘Tamer Skill: Mutual Understanding.’


Apparently, it was magic that would allow me to understand the monsters that I have tamed.

I activated it and immediately started to hear the voice of the slimes.


“Master…over there.”


“You can eat those leaves.”


“This grass is tasty.”


It seemed that the slime still had separate personalities even when combined.

There was only one body, but numerous slimes were talking at once. It was a little weird.


…However, grass and leaves, huh?…

I am in a dream of all places. I should be able to eat better than that.


“…Is there no rice or meat around here? I mean, what about a town?”




“Master. What is a town?”


Hmmm. They didn’t know what a town was.



“For now, how about we stop with the ‘master’ thing?”


“No, master?”


“Yes, if you can bear it.”


I wasn’t used to being called that, and it felt weird.




“Boss…that makes me sound like a bandit. Try a different one.”




“Nope. Ahh…just call me by my name. I’m Yuji.”


“Alright. Yuji.”



I was saved from having to be called master by all these slimes.

When that was settled, the slimes started to get excited.


“Yuji, there is a dragon.”


“It looks strong! Run away!”


“Over there! Over there!’


The slimes said as they started to run away.

However…they were too slow.




“Here it comes!!!”


The slimes shrieked as they crept away in a ball.

Right then, the trees in the area were blown away.

And I was blown away with them.




I said stupidly as I flew through the air and crashed into a tree.

Normally, crashing into a tree at this speed would mean death…but this was a dream. My back did hurt, but I wasn’t injured.


…Oh? Pain?

I thought you didn’t feel pain in dreams?


As I wondered about this, the thing that had blown me away and that was destroying the forest came into view.


…It was a dragon.

And it was over 10 meters in length.

At that size, it was no wonder it was able to blow away the trees as if they were twigs.


“Are-are you serious…?”


Yes, I did say that I wanted some meat…but I don’t remember asking for this monster as well.

But if I had the magic, there was a possibility I could roast it and eat it…

If it would only work like the Tamer skills.


As I wondered this…the magic list appeared in front of me.

There were too many that I could not see all of them…but there were a few names I recognized.


I was quite sure that it was displaying the skills that were in that book I read, Magic Book on the Annihilation of the Soul.

Maybe I would be able to use them like the Tamer skills.


And so I searched for a skill that seemed like it would be strong.

It did not take long.


‘Hellfire of Death.’ Yes, that sounded very strong.

I would try using this one for now.


“Alright… ‘Hellfire of Death.’”


Just as I chanted the name…my vision turned red.

In front of me now was a pillar of fire that was so huge that it swallowed up the dragon.

No, not only the dragon, it was powerful enough to destroy the entire forest that I could see.




The slimes shrunk with fear at the sight.

Thankfully, they were on the other side of the pillar of fire, and so they were not harmed.


And…half a minute later.

The scene in front of me, as far as my eyes could see, was no longer a forest but empty land.

The slimes that had escaped the danger were now huddled around my feet.

The dragon who had attacked us was nowhere to be seen…but there were some bones on the ground.

On close inspection, they did kind of look like they came from the dragon.



So I was able to kill dragons just like that?

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