Tensei Kenja – 25


I said goodbye to the Dryad and left the forest behind me.

Well, as long as the slimes were there, I should be able to stay in touch.



And then a few hours passed.

I arrived safely back in the town.


The first thing to think about…was the Proud Wolf’s future.

I could return him to nature, but I somehow felt that it wouldn’t survive back in the forest.

Well, I could just leave the choice to him.


“Hey, Proud Wolf. What are you going to do now?”


‘Do…? I will follow you, of course. I bet that I’ll be safer that way. …That Magic Transfer thing, could you use it on me too?’


Yes. I expected as much. 

And he felt that I could protect him with Magic Transfer if he was in danger… And if I was going to ride him, then maybe being this much of a coward would actually be safer. I didn’t mind, in any case.


“Yeah. I could. …Alright then. You can stay with me.”


‘Thank you! I will wholeheartedly carry you, Mister Yuji! …Though, I don’t think I’ll be useful to you in combat.’


“Don’t worry about that. I don’t expect you to.”


And so I put a collar and tag on the Proud Wolf.

This tag helped people differentiate between monsters that have and haven’t been tamed.


It wasn’t necessary for slimes, but you apparently had to use these tags when bringing other monsters into a town.

I had bought one while preparing for camping, and it now proved to be very useful.


And with that, we were just about to step foot into the town, when a nearby Adventurer pointed at the Proud Wolf.


“That’s a great wolf… I didn’t think there was a good enough Tamer in this whole town to be able to tame something like that…”


A great wolf…are you sure about that?

It was an interesting question that I pondered as we continued on our way.

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  1. Not sure about the ranking of this wolf, but I somehow think he is not just plain coward, instead he can feel or knows the levels of strength.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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