Tensei Kenja – 42


“We’re not so weak as to be killed by weak monsters. And we should prioritize staying out of sight of strong ones or avoiding getting ambushed.”


Apparently, they agreed with letting me in… Or more accurately, they wanted a B-Rank Scout in their party.

I hadn’t known it was such a famous certification.


“If anything, I’m against having Rodis join. I’ve never been in a party with him before, but the rumors are not good, you know?”


“That’s true. I hear bad things. I agree, Rodis should be excluded from the team.”


Now Rodis was the one was being attacked.

He apparently had a bad reputation.


“Hey, wait a minute. If I leave, then there will only be two fighters. That’s too few for even an investigation team. …And you say that my reputation is bad. But what exactly did I do?”


“Well, it’s not like there is any evidence…”


“Alright. If you agree to let Yuji in, we will agree to let you in. Do we have a deal?”


“…Fine. Do whatever you like.”


Things moved rapidly without my input.

I hadn’t even said anything about deciding to join.


‘What do you think? Can we trust them?’


‘Hmmm…I don’t know!’


‘But, won’t it be fine as long as we watch?’


True. I could deal with anything as long as the slimes kept guard.

If I saw anything suspicious I could make the slimes monitors.


Besides, I had never fought in a party like this before.

It would be a good experience to fight while being cautious of enemies as well as party members.


And as practice, doing it with a small party seemed ideal.

I would be at a loss if I had to stay on my guard in a large party out of nowhere.


“Oh, right, we haven’t even asked you yet. We all decided now. But what about you, Yuji? Are you fine with this party?”


“Yeah. I’d like to join.”


I answered Lisa’s question immediately.

And with that, our party was formed.

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