Tensei Kenja – 58


The last two words had no explanation and were very strange.

However… Perhaps this was what I was looking for.


In other words, I would be able to concentrate the power of Hellfire of Death.

The area of effect for Hellfire of Death was hundreds of times larger than the size of the Blue Dragon of Delight.

But if all of that power could be gathered to the tip of a sword, maybe we could defeat the dragon.


“Do you know how to use it?”




I answered.


“That is good. God had not explained it to me, so I would have been very troubled if you asked me how to use it.”


“So you just came without knowing anything…”


“Even if I didn’t know how, I knew it would be useful to you. …And so you may keep it. We only have about 2 days, so you should hurry. The later it gets, the stronger the dragon will be.”


The priest said before turning around and walking away.

I’m finished here, he seemed to say.


“Where are you going?”


I knew the answer but thought I’d ask.


“To pray.”


Father Shtyle said without slowing down.

It was just as I had expected.

As always, this priest was mysterious… Still, I was grateful for the sword.


…However… A ‘Revelation’ skill?

When I checked my status, I saw that I also carried that skill. But there were words in red above it that read, ‘you do not meet the requirements to use.’

Apparently, it was a very special skill.

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  1. So, he was, most likely, summoned to work, lol. He didn’t escape the black company, he just moved departments, quite far, so far it’s another world. At least he’s got slimes now, and a rather scared wolf.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the updates ❤️ I wonder if he has realised that the SHORTsword means he himself will need to be up close and personal in the upcoming right?

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