Tensei Kenja – 65


‘No. …That’s why I’ll have them pull them all out by the roots.’


I said as I watched the slimes through Shared Senses.

And when the slimes arrived at the spot, I said,


‘Alright, split up.’




I now had over 300 slimes.

As my slimes would befriend wild slimes every time I went out, the number kept increasing.


As it got heavier the more there were, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to carry it eventually…but it was times like these that they were very useful.

This wasn’t human wave tactics, it was slime wave tactics. And it would allow me to gather mushrooms in a wide area very quickly.


‘Let’s go!’


‘I’ll go this way!’


‘Then I’ll go over there!’


The slimes decided their own roles as they went about and gathered the mushrooms that grew in the area.

Like this, they were able to gather a huge amount in just 30 minutes.


‘Can you make it with this?’


‘I should be able to make quite a lot with this amount. There were more than I expected… I mean, you probably got all of them.’


The dryad said as she looked at the spot where the dragon had been.

Not a single mushroom remained in the area. Actually, not a single blade of grass remained in the area.


If these were normal mushrooms, I might have worried about the effect on the ecosystem, but that didn’t apply to dragon mushrooms… After all, they disappeared after one day, which meant they would not increase anyway.


‘You guys did really well.’


‘We did! And there were leaves too!’


‘The leaves over there tasted very good!’


…So that was why all of the grass was gone.

I thought they were just being passionate, but I guess it was just that the grass was delicious.


‘Alright, I’ll make the medicine then. …Did you bring what I asked?’




When the Dryad said this, the slimes produced something that looked like a pot.

Apparently, she was going to use it to make the potions.

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  1. I’d say it’s cooking time, but this is more like alchemy time. Well, cooking time sounds better 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

  2. soon caught up to the manga keep at it great work. also could i request you adding a dark mode to the site for reading convenience the bright background is irritating.

  3. [I now had over 300 slimes.]
    Technically correct, but… you already have over 500. That happened in Chapter 29 (page 2). Specifically calls out 500. Silly author, forgetting things.

    Thank you for the translated chapters!

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