Tensei Kenja – 7


…I see.

So that was why he said I would be immediately exposed if I lied about using magic.

Well, I didn’t even need to use this thing. I could just perform magic in front of them to prove it.


I thought such things as I stretched my hand out…but there was something strange happening to the crystal ball.

It let out an unstable light and began to shudder loudly.


The vibrations and glow stopped when I pulled my hand away…but it seemed very strange.


“Can I really touch it?”


I asked Instructor Regin.

I had a bad feeling about it.

That light did not seem very safe.


“Of course, you can. Unless you’d rather correct this…”


Instructor Regin said as he waved the application form in front of me.

But I had no intention of changing it.

Why did I have to change something that wasn’t even wrong?


…Well, if he says it’s fine, then I might as well touch it.


I decided. And so my hand stretched out to the crystal ball.

The crystal ball grew brighter and shook more violently the closer my hand came to it…

—And just before my hand reached it, there was a ‘crack’ sound and the ball shattered.




…Instructor Regin’s voice echoed in the guild, which had gone completely silent.

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