Tensei Kenja – 75


So it seemed that I would not have to change the way I did things.

The only thing that was important was that firewood was made.


“Alright. Thank you for teaching me.”


“No, I should be thanking you. This shortage is quite serious. And I get paid for each person that I instruct. And today, my job has never been easier.”


I see. So it was that kind of system.

In any case, I had his approval now. So it was time to get to work.


“Thank you. I’m going to go and make more firewood now.”


I said as I headed to the forest to cut down some trees.

…Before leaving, I used ‘Slime Storage.’ This resulted in me having to explain it all over again…but that’s a story for another day.



A few hours later.

I finished cutting down the trees and splitting the logs. And so I returned to the town.


‘You cut so much!’


‘Yeah. I don’t know how much they needed. So I thought I would start with this much.’


I talked to the slimes as I entered the guild.

And then I checked the quests for firewood.


…While they all had prices, none of them had anything about maximum quantity.

It was the guild that was asking for it.


And the guild probably had plenty of money. They would probably buy everything they could.

And so I took the request sheet and went to the counter.


“I brought some firewood. How much will you buy for this request?”


“There is no fixed amount… Where is the firewood?”




I said, accepting the wood from the slime.

I had been hiding Slime Storage from the guild up until now, but decided it would be easier if I just told them.


…However, it would still be annoying having to explain it.

I thought this…however, the lady behind the desk had a reaction I was not expecting.


“From the slime… That magic. I didn’t know there were people that could use it…”

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