Tensei Kenja – 84


‘You said that it sucks in magical energy from its surroundings, yes? And then when that is finished, wouldn’t it be a cursed stone?’




In that case, perhaps we were witnessing the birth of a cursed stone…

But the problem was, why was it here…


‘Do blue magic stones just grow naturally like this?’


‘No. It’s definitely made by humans. …Besides, I sense human magic that isn’t yours, Yuji.’


So maybe it really was the Blue Moon of Salvation that left it here…

It was good that we found it before anything happened. But they really were up to no good…


But it was just as I thought this…that I remembered that Rikardo was currently experiencing something very strange.

…Had nothing really happened?


‘Hey, Dryad. Do places that have less magic energy become colder?’


‘Of course? There are places, like near volcanic mountains, that are very hot. And it’s usually because there is too much energy there. …Though, there are some warm places where it’s very thin.’


In other words, this weather could be due to the magic stone…


‘I suppose I should just purify it for now. Also, we have to find the culprit.’


There was a part of me that wanted to keep it as a sample. But I couldn’t make the slimes carry something so dangerous.

But it would turn into a cursed stone if I touched it. I would be treated like some kind of terrorist if I walked around carrying that. And it would be my own fault.


‘Yes… If there is someone who wanted to make it, then they should come back to pick it up later!’


‘Right. …And there seem to be a few of them here. So the enemies base might not be too far away.’


So saying, I created a barrier around the magic stone and activated purification magic.

Perhaps it was because there wasn’t enough energy yet, but no monsters appeared this time.


‘Did you find any more magic stones?’


‘I did!’


‘Over here!’


‘There are so many!’


Apparently, this forest was full of them…


‘I’ll purify them one at a time, so tell me when you find them! Also, continue to hunt the Greedy Boars!’





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  1. Main quest: guard the leaves. Secondary quests: hunt the big boars, and maybe purify all those soon-to-be cursed stones.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

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