Two Saints – 48


“Oh, you are up.”


It was on old dwarf and what appeared to be two servants. One of them was holding a pitcher of water. Maki and Chiharu stared at it hard.


“So you are thirsty. Thomas. The water.”


The servant poured them some water to drink. They were a little worried about what was in the water, but they felt they would faint from a heat stroke if they didn’t drink it. And so they did.

The old man watched them carefully.


“Now, you must be worried and wondering why you are here.”


They nodded.


“You were abducted by former Adventurers and were about to be sold.”


I knew it. Maki and Chiharu looked at each other and nodded.


“And one of my servants just happened to witness it. Don’t worry. They have since been caught.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh? Is your voice changing? Well, that’s fine.”


He said with satisfaction. Then he got closer to the bed and looked at Maki before touching her chin.


“You have blonde hair and dark eyes. Long lashes that are very cute.”


Ew, gross. Maki felt goosebumps all over her skin.


“What do you think? You could work for me in this mansion. I would be glad to hire you.”


As if!


“Uh, it’s already been decided that we’re to return with the Midland group and work for them.”

“I see. I see. But there are many monsters in the dungeon. It might take them a while to return. What will you do until then?”

“Uh, pick flowers.”

“The flower picking has ended. How will you live?”


They still had money left from the scales, from working as cooks and from working as flower harvesters. But it didn’t seem like something they should say here. He looked at Maki and Chiharu as they struggled for an answer. His expression was full of satisfaction when a knock was heard at the door.


“What is it?”


The old dwarf said with annoyance.


“Um, you have a visitor.”

“Tell them to come back later!”

“But it is Grudo…”

“He should have died a long time ago! Oh, well. Fine, I will go.”


He then turned around to face Maki.


“In any case, you must rest here today. Your food will be brought to you.”

“Hey, wait-”


But he ignored them and left.



“That’s not the problem!”

“But it is.”


Maki insisted.


“How come you were taken by merfolk and I get a creepy old man. And he thinks we’re boys.”

“I don’t see the difference.”

“But what about my chastity?”

“Well, sure. But this is all made up by him, isn’t it?”

“Yes. He said that they were caught, but he probably sent them in the first place.”

“I think so too. But I would never have expected the reason.”

“Oh, stop.”


Maki groaned. Chiharu muttered.


“What will happen if he finds out we are girls?”

“I hope he’ll throw us out.”

“That doesn’t sound very safe either.”

“Hmm. We have to look for a chance and escape. And then we should shout very loudly. The old man is attacking us!”

“We have to get out of this room first.”

“He said that Grudo was here! He must have gotten suspicious.”

“Should we wait for him to help us?”


Maki straightened her posture.


“No, let’s do what we can first.”



And so they inspected the room carefully.

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