Two Saints – 55


The two of them slept for the entire day and woke up at night the following day.


“An unfamiliar ceiling.”



“I wanted to say that first.”


They rolled on their beds and laughed.


“Huh? There’s something heavy here.”


A head with white hair was lying on Chiharu’s blanket and breathing gently. It was Aeris. He must have been watching over them all of this time. Chiharu reached out and touched his head.





He suddenly got up. Chiharu’s hand fell.


“Chiharu! Maki!”



He picked up Chiharu’s hand and pressed it to his forehead.


“I’m so glad… I was afraid you would never wake up.”

“We’re fine. If anything, I feel really good. Right, Maki?”

“Uh, yeah.”


And with that, Maki sat up and stretched her arms.


“Maki. You shouldn’t move so suddenly. You’ve slept for an entire day. Please, please be careful.”

“Uh, yeah. But I really do feel good. Chiharu?”


Chiharu also got up. Aeris supported her as she rotated her arms.


“Huh? My shoulders aren’t sore anymore! They were so sore ever since we came here!”


Just then, the door opened.


“Maki! Chiharu!”



Edwy rushed inside.


“Thank god. How do you feel? Yes, you look much better now.”


And then he tore away Aeris, who was still holding Chiharu’s hand.


“I don’t care how old you are.”

“Oh, sorry.”


Then Grudo, Kaider, and Nyran entered and celebrated with them.







Chiharu and Maki held their stomachs.


“Your stomach is more honest than you are.”


Said Kaider.


“It would have been polite for you to ignore it.”


Maki retorted.


“Haha. I see you really are back to your old self.”

“Yes, I am. But thanks for worrying about us.”

“Uh, of course.”


Kaider and Maki looked away awkwardly. Chiharu watched them with a chuckle.


“Now, let’s go eat. For Maki’s sake.”


Edwy said.


“No, wait. Chiharu’s stomach was grumbling too. Why does it look like I’m the hungry one? That’s not right, is it?”

“Can you walk? Maybe I’ll carry you.”

“I would prefer to eat here.”


Chiharu said with a blush.


“Huh? Chiharu? Why are you pretending to be ill? This is ridiculous.”

“Well, you said it yourself, Maki. Romance only comes to those who can appreciate a romantic setting. And I happen to find this romantic.”

“I suppose… Tsk. To think you would win like this…”


Maki said as her shoulders drooped.


“What are you two talking about…?”



“Now, I’ll have the food brought to you.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you.”


And with that, the darkness was lifted and the mayor’s mansion became a cheerful place.

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  1. Awww Maki, do you want to be spoon fed too?

    These two girls are really really precious, i wish they could fill their stomach with all the good food they deserve. You have worked hard girls!

    And you have worked hard too translator!

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